January 29, 2018

A Trip to the Museum

Most definitely it is time once again to go on another adventure with Toni!

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The Art Museum

1.   With not much to do and living in the city, tonight I decided to visit the local art museum before it closed. As I entered I encounted the ticket agent who seemed terribly bored.

2.   Looking straight at me and greeting me with a smile  he said "You are my 10th costumer today. It's been a very slow day  because of the weather."
I paid the fee and went into the museum hoping to relax a bit. It was a terrible day weather wise and nice to see some lovely art work instead of the steady downpour outside.
There was a nun standing and looking intently at one painting.
As I stood next to her she said, "Lovely, isn't it? Do you know what it is all about?"
I had to admit that I really didn't know what the artist had in mind but I had my own ideas.
She explained the painting and it was then I realized this was the great Sister Wendy!
Pleased that I was so keen on her teaching she offered to take me around and explain some paintings to me.
3.   Guiding me through the Great Room where all the great masters of art and their paintings and sculptures stood I was amazed to see all the paintings through the painters eyes via the descriptions and stories of Sister Wendy.

4.   Upon leaving I wondered If what I had seen was truly a new beginning in  love for art and art history. Sister Wendy had awakened in me a great interest in knowing why and where and how.

Sister Wendy is an art teacher but that is putting it very mildly. She is a joy to learn with. This lesson is amazing and a little shocking, too.
The series is on YouTube, so do yourself a favor, continue your education with a trip through the world of art with Sister Wendy.
This video is very short.


  1. What a great adventure...I'm going to try to get this adventure up on tomorrows post...smiles---hope you have a beautiful week, friend, smiles.

  2. Visiting your blog is always an adventure !
    You combine beauty with thought-provoking articles...
    always something to expand our horizons and learn from !
    Thank you !
    Be well and warm...wishing you joy !

  3. Love this different take in the adventure Annie. I will check out the YouTube series. Thank you for the info and the tour. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  4. Oh my goodness! I had never heard of Sister Wendy! This is amazing!! Thank you for introducing her to us. I have totally enjoyed this little journey with Sister Wendy. What a great adventure you have led us on. Thank you!!! I learned much from this!!


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