January 11, 2018

Irish Adventure

Ireland, Mother Ireland! Toni takes us there with her latest creative Adventure and I am joining in with a bit of a ridiculous tale. 

A Visit To Ireland

1.   While walking in a countryside in Ireland, I see a strange green glow coming from behind a large tree. Walking up to it I find a cell phone whose screen is blinking on and off with an emerald green light.

2.   Being the curious kind I decide to pick it up and see what's going on with it.

3.   Much to my surprise I bend to get hold of it and the phone rings!
I answer it and a voice on the other end says, "Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious!"
"Who is this?" I ask. "Sure,Rabbit, now Trix are for Kids!".  My question is followed by the sound of distant, but loud, stiffled laughter.
"What is this all about? Where are you calling from?" I say into the phone.
The voice responds saying "In the valley of the jolly..ho hoho.. green giant."
Then, from over the hill, I hear a deep rumbling voice begin to laugh. The laugh is so big, so loud it shakes the ground around me and I feel the earth shake even more as I realize that giant footsteps are headed my way.
4.   Deciding this must truly be a Irish fairytale, I laughing think to myself "feet don't fail me now" as I run back in the direction I came from as fast as I can.
You will note in the 3rd video that Galatians were Celts (Gaul). My interest stems from the fact my father knew Irish Gaelic and my grandmother spoke Kumri or Welsh. She was the only one of her parents children born in America. They spoke only Welsh at home. The videos are all short.


  1. Love your version Annie. It was fun to read and I enjoyed the videos even though there is no way I can speak or even attempt any or all of the gaelic languages. I never realized there were so many different dialects. Thanks again for joining in. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  2. The Summer Girl (me !) is not pleased with winter weather,but does appreciate the beauty thereof viewed from the warmth of my little home.There is a peaceful silence during snowfall that is truly wonderful.Thank you for all this information...you do broaden our horizons !
    Be well,safe and warm...many happy returns to the double-digit girl !


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