February 24, 2018

A Mix of Photos

The owl insists you join in

A mix of photographs taken at various times and seasons is my submission to the Friday Foto Friends.
You can join in here if you wish, and it is a lot of fun.

Close up of the Anonymous Kid's eye.
The whole family has green and blue eyes.We are as recessive as you can be.

Summertime sky over the lagoon

Leaves on sand

Autumn Rain on the big pond

Blue water, blue sky

The pond in summertime

Crystal Trees after a storm


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty....I always enjoy your photos. I hope you have a lovely Saturday, friend. smiles

  2. You are such a great photographer, Annie. Love the blue and green eyes in your family. I enjoyed all of the pictures...especially the ones of the pond. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. Aren't cameras a wonder ?!
    To be able to capture a moment for all time is wonderful and your "moments" are always
    such treasures...Thank you !
    Have a splendid day,my friend !

  4. Looks like you have all the seasons of the year here! Very nice!

  5. Love all your seasons photos but the prettiest one of them all is the Anonymous Kid's eye. So lovely! Have a blessed evening Annie.

  6. A beautiful series of photos. I do love the colours in the Anonymous Kid's eye. Have a great weekend Annie!

  7. Beautiful fotos... what a gorgeous eye color! 💜 Mine are just a plain, faded blue ... nothing like your daughter.


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