February 2, 2018

By the Sea

Another week has flown by and here is February, the month of hearts and love.
It seems as though we just were anticipating Thanksgiving. 
There are 46 days left of winter, which has also seemed to fly by quickly this year.
I will be sorry to see it go as I dislike Spring because of the dampness.  I enjoy rain storms, but the damp in the atmosphere is unpleasant. It chills the bones!
Friday brings another of Debbie's Friday Foto Friends and I am always glad to see that arrive. I enjoy seeing everyone's entries quite a lot.

Since I live by the bay, I thought I would show some more photos taken here by the bay. It is my favorite thing to photograph and is every changing.

a bit blurry but I like to sit here in the evening.

 Wintery phragmites and Cedar trees under a lovely evening sky by the water

on the dock watching the bay

walking along the beach

The Creek that flows into the bay


  1. Beautiful sky and bay photos Annie. If I lived in your area I would spend each day sitting by the bay with my bare feet in the sand and just listening to the sounds all around. I'm there already in my mind. Have a lovely day dear friend.

  2. Forgot to say I love your new header. Beautiful painting.

  3. Dearest Annie
    your photos are always so charming and suggestive, thank you for sharing with us the wonderful corner of the world you call home!

    Wishing you a most lovely day, today,
    I'm sending blessings on your weekend ahead

    XOXO Dany

  4. Beautiful scenes and shots.

    Unlike you I love our Spring because we get so much rain from October/November to March/April and I will be glad to have less dampness and more sunshine as well as lovely singing birds who seem to be quiet over the winter.

    I always love seeing the scenery around where you live. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lovely photos, Annie, just lovely! I love to watch and listen to the waves as they rise and fall. The rhythm of it is soothing to me. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us.

  6. What a lovely way to start our day...I can almost hear the water lapping against the shore, and the shorebirds calling to one another. The sky photo is beautiful too...You are blessed to live in such a wonderful place. God bless you today...and may your day be filled with calmness of soul and mind...and peace!

  7. Very pretty. Smiles. Your photos always bring such sunshine to such dreary days, smiles. Hope you have a lovely day friend.

  8. Love your headers !
    Love your photos ! The creek shot is shimmery and gorgeous...
    Have a marvelous day,my friend...
    Be well

  9. Absolutely beautiful place to live. As usual, that header is gorgeous. You are so very talented, sweet Lady. HOPE you have a great weekend.

  10. So beautiful, Annie! I sure envy you being able to sit out there and look out over the water. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating spring! Have a great day.

  11. Beautiful pictures today. Your spring sounds like our winters, our springs are full of sunshine and warm days. Enjoyed visiting with you today, Happy February!!

  12. Your pictures are beautiful and I like what you do with them. So blessed to see that lovely water. I like the thunderstorms and rain here in Texas, but not the tornadoes. And, when we have rain, the humidity is so bad, my hair goes all wickety wack! Don't like that. Happy February.

  13. The skies look like rough seas are coming. Beautiful photos as always

  14. Your pics are so nice. Sometimes I think we have the same weather :-)

  15. I love seeing coastal pics, no matter where they are. Such pretty choices for your photos!


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