February 24, 2018

Creating a Link to Open in Another Window.

Here is a little tutorial that I hope you will find helpful.
When you link to something it is much nicer if it opens in a new page rather
than sending people off your own site. If you have a slow loading,
graphic or java rich site, this can be a problem because now,
 if they wish to return to you, they must reload your blog again which
 can take time and cause them not to return.
There is a simple way to make a link that causes it to show up on a page
of its own and not take your reader off site.
Here is how you do it:

The target"_blank" is what does the trick. Simple no?
Where I have "click here" you can place whatever you wish
such as click here, go..etc.
You can also use a picture in that space.

I hope this is useful to someone anyway.
 If it is not helpful feel free to ask for more explanation.
This is a post from many years ago but, I am re-running it for you.


  1. That's how I do all my links Annie. I still do all my posts in HTML and not Compose in Blogger except for loading photos. B't let me load them in HTML. :( Have a blessed evening my friend.

    1. Should have read "Blogger won't let me" and not "B't" :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this trick, I seem to get by with trial and error😁

  3. Thank you for this little and useful trick, Dearest Annie!

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday and new week ahead

    XOXO Dany

  4. Thank you for sharing this trick. I am not sure I follow, but I may try it and see how it works. I find if I have to think too hard to do this I will give it up. LOL. But I need to keep challenging my mind to learn new things, so thank you.


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