February 3, 2018

Snowballs for Sale
for the seasonally sad

Children rarely complain about the weather.
They find something good in almost everything. But the older people get the more they talk about weather, health and how bad everything is.
If  God really is in control and you really believe that, why are you complaining?
 Don't you really believe that He knows what he is doing with the seasons?
Eeyore shows the proper way to go about looking at life.


  1. ohohohoh...you be talking to me, giggling. Sigh, I love the change of seasons and love winter...just lately, since I have to be out in it and drive in it, it has been taxing, to say the least...just being truthful, smiles.

    Great post friend. smiles

    1. It can be horrible to drive in snow and ice, believe me I know.
      Nearly ran across a road into an irrigation ditch in my truck back in the day..black ice on a very snowy day in Utah.

  2. This is very true post Annie. I try hard to remain positive, even about the weather but sometimes I simply can't wait for the warmth to return to my bones, lol. I hope you are warm where you are. Have a great weekend.

  3. As a winter baby,the cold weather has always included multiple layers to keep the core warm (my weight has nothing to do with being warm-been skinny AND chunky-still cold !).My 90 year old friends toss a light jacket over a jersey top and make senseless fun of my overstuffed appearance !
    I keep in mind that time passes quickly and so will the seasons...favored and otherwise .
    Be well and warm,my friend !

    1. It's the time passing quickly that disturbs me. People are wishing their lives away rather than enjoying every moment they can.

  4. Try not to complain but sometimes I do...{{sigh}} There's always a bright side if we just look for it!!

  5. Today it is raining and gloomy here in Florida, but we need the rain, and I took a nice long nap, with the sound of rain on the roof. Very relaxing...and I needed the rest! I know people are getting antsy for spring...I can't blame them. When we lived up north I felt the same way. Praying your days will be filled with joy and laughter and warmth, wherever you are!


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