March 30, 2018

Days on the Ocean

Hello! Welcome to my blog and another Friday Foto Friends episode.
I got home from a doctor visit and  sat by the ocean a while. Gave myself a terrible earache from the wind. I always forget to put on earmuffs on by the ocean when its cold out. The wind is always wild.
I just had my phone in my pocket so I filmed with that. I didn't go get my camera, but I should have to take a larger video.
 In the first little film you can see the little sand pipers running around. They are as quick as can be to beat the incoming waves.
Waves were about 5 to 6 feet, not too high and the ocean was still a bit rowdy from storms at sea.
I can't get used to the alien sand used to replenish the shore. Its more yellow rather than our sugary sand. But our regular will cover it over quickly.
All along the Jersey shore we are rebuilding dunes and replacing washed away sand from Nor'Easters and sadly, we are still recovering from hurricane Sandy.
But as Gov. Christie said, We are Jersey Strong and that is no joke!

I think these are weekend people, or summer people cuz you never really see anyone home in winter

Most are summer houses. Only us diehards live by the sea year round.

A little boardwalk

Our sand along the beaches is replenished since Sandy and other storms. Ours will return. Its sugary white.

beach mess from Nor'Easter

The beach was active with sand pipers today. Not many gulls though. The wind was very strong because of storms at sea.

Once I got out of the doctors I just headed for the sand and took a rest.

Small piles of snow still remaining..The white stuff is sand which is always on the roads.

And because Barnegat Bay is my sweetheart, here is the bay in early evening with a beautiful sky.


  1. thank you for taking us along with you to the beach today. I enjoyed this little visit very much. I loved hearing the pounding surf and the wind blowing, but so sorry you got an earache from the wind. I love the sandpipers...and all those magnificent houses...amazing! To think those are just their vacation homes! Wow!! Thank you for sharing this time with us. We need to take a trip to the beach soon. I've been missing it. It is about an hour's drive from here, and we just don't do it often enough. I think it is time. Have a blessed Easter.

  2. I enjoyed my visit to a northern beach with you. Lovely videos. Happy Easter!

  3. Oh how I enjoyed just listening to the ocean... One of my favorite sounds. What a blessing to live where you do. I hope the doctor's appointment went well and you're doing better. Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend, sweet Lady! 💜

  4. OH how I love the sound of the ocean and your voice, Annie. A very happy day, sweet friend. One day, one day, sigh....I hope you have a lovely weekend, smiles.

  5. Wonderful !!!
    Thank you for bringing us along to the beach !
    Wishing you good health and happiness , my dear friend ,
    now and always !


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