March 18, 2018

Oldest American's DNA Found

Anthropology was a major of mine and something I love.
Pharaoh Tutankamun
I love people and I find them so fascinating. Its wonderful  to find out who they are, why and where and how they live and what they think, believe and what motivates them.

Did you know that 70% of British men are related to Pharaoh Tutankamun?  Tutankamun's DNA is European. He is R1b1a2, totally uncommon to  Egypt but very common in  Europe
Tutankamun's DNA is classified as Caucasian.
By the way, do you know who Caucasians are?
They are Eastern and Western and Northern  Europeans, Arabs, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians(Persians),  Syrians, Assyrians, Moroccans (most North Africans),  Most Turks, Babylonians,  Italians, Greeks, Kurds,  Armenians, Russians,and the list goes on.  
Pharaoh is from the Egyptian word Paro meaning Great Family. Tutankamun means  the image of Amun.
  I believe that real Egyptians rarely if ever ruled their own country.   Even today most Egyptians have nothing in common with ancient Egyptians but are a totally different people.
Some of the oldest burials in America are European. The DNA proves they are  European.
These preserved bodies predate the Indian tribes of America and are over 8,000 years old.
For those who believe mankind is only 6,000 years old, show it to me in the bible and I will believe it also.   However, it isn't there.
I am not a believer in evolution but then no credible scientist is anymore.  It is extremely flawed
but that being said, mankind has been on earth for longer than 6000 years and made up time tables are just that, made up. Mankind did not descend from apes or primordial slime nor did any other living being on earth.

There is a 9000 year old body found in Nevada but native American tribal elders won't allow the DNA to be done as they don't want the body disturbed.   The skeleton is, however, European on physical observation.
We can tell a lot from the looks of a skeleton. We are not all alike under the skin and that is what helps us identify sex, race etc.     If they can get a DNA sample that would go a long way in identifying the identity of the skeleton and connecting the dots on the new world's history.

Who are Native Americans?  They are Siberians.
Altai Shaman
We have conclusively proven that the Aztecs, Incas and Iroquois are from the Altai region of Siberia.
Altai woman
Some are also related to the Melanesian and  Australian peoples.  We are seeing proof that long range oceanic travel was done thousands of years ago.
Altai Mountains in Altai Republic of Russia
 We have actually traced one Navajo man to a Mongolian family still living in Mongolia. Isn't that something?  They are direct relatives!

Just amazing things happening in DNA studies.
 History is never what you have been told or lead to believe and much has been covered up and left out.  I will have to do a post on giants to show how much has been deleted from history.

Let me also add that I have a problem with digging up graves on the whole if the body is not treated in a respectful way and reburied with honor in the same fashion as their family originally buried them.
Keeping skeletons in a museum is obscene.  The families of these people buried them with the intent that they would be left in peace and that must be honored by people of good will. 
  It is not right to display human beings at all no matter how long someone has been dead.
Respect and love for your fellow man has no time limit.


  1. I enjoyed your post Annie. I agree that human beings should not be disturbed no matter how long they have passed. I also agree that science is still evolving and there is much evidence to prove a lot of intercontinental travel so so long ago. As Christians this might be easier for us to believe for God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and from there all humankind flows.

    1. We have proven that all mankind have 2 original parents. :)

  2. What a great post...being a History major, History is indeed not one has been told...I love research and getting to the bottom of things, which often lead to more unanswered questions. smiles

  3. P.S. I so want to sit in that chair on the header and watch the ocean. smiles

    1. Not right now you don't. You would freeze into a popsicle!

  4. Wow! I agree a great and educational post Annie. I loved it and learned from it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post. Love your new header my friend. Have a day of blessings.

  5. This was very interesting indeed! I do believe that God created man and woman in His image. The date for that event has never been exactly pinpointed. I also believe that before the flood many of the continents were probably joined, and the floodwaters very possibly caused the plates to shift. Prior to that shift, it was possible for people to have traveled from continent to continent on dry land. The Bible also does tell us there was a time that there were "giants in the land"...Genesis is full of giants... I do not believe in evolution either, but civilization was greatly altered after the great flood. Many of the huge fossils found around the world were stuck in the mud of the flood... Anyway, we will have a lot of interesting things to learn someday when we get to heaven! I think we will all have some surprises in store for us about the history of our world. We will have all of eternity to learn about it! I enjoyed what you have shared here. You are a woman of many surprising talents!

    1. I also believe we are created in His image.
      I will be posting about giants and the proof of them that archaeology has covered up for years. Anything that proves that a God exists is covered over, hidden or thrown away and it is a shame.


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