May 17, 2018

Nature Around Me...
Friday Foto Friends and Sky Watch Friday

IT has been a chilly and rainy week with more to come but the cool temperatures are nice. I am joining with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends and also for Sky Watch Friday. Won't you also join in?

 Scenes from around the neighborhood. 
On the front porch

Mugho Pine bough hanging over the water.

A thunderstorm moving in

Sun shining through the woods


 The end of the day can be so spectacular.



  1. Hello lovely photos. The flowers are beautiful. I love the sunset capture. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Such a beautiful place you live in Annie. I can just feel the bay, air and peace in my mind. Love seeing all your wonderful photos. Have a day of blessings my friend. Hugs

  3. Those photos were all so delightful...loved each one as it was presented...I always love sunsets and the sun shining through the woods (I tend to take a lot of those pictures too), but I think I loved the pine tree over the water most of all. I can feel the breeze and sense the beauty of that place...thank you for sharing this part of your beautiful world with us. It was lovely...

  4. Beautiful moments captured for us all !
    Isn't it wonderful to share beauty in small things and forgotten places ?
    Have a comfortable day...
    Be well , my friend

  5. Annie, the photo of end of the day is absolutely stunning...I can only imagine how gorgeous it was in person! You live in such a beautiful area! Thank you for sharing with us.

    A bit of a side note...I just found your Restaurant Rock and Roll Cafe! Oh. my. goodness! I think I'll choose one recipe a week and give it a try! Thank you for sharing these recipes, too!

  6. I always look forward to seeing your header artwork! Love the sunset shots with the lavender skies!

  7. I could just sit there all day looking at the water, sigh. Love, love the post, Annie. smiles

    1. I could sit there too and often do. :)

  8. You perfectly captured light and its variations in all your beautiful pictures! Great job, Annie! Wishing you a nice weekend! Sandrine

  9. Such beautiful pictures! You do live in such a beautiful area! We are expecting thunderstorms and rain again tonight. The weather is already changing to a damp, coldness. If one sits in the sun, warmth abounds, but move into the shade, its a whole different story! Happy Friday my friend!

  10. That was very nice. Thank you so much for this photos!

  11. Lovely series of photos! It is nice to have alternating rain and sunshine.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  12. A gorgeous variety of images! I love the skies and how they are so varied.

  13. Beautiful photos! You live in such a pretty area.


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