Monday, September 19, 2016

Texas Ranger's Prayer

Listen to old time radio online Here or Here

  love old time radio. I listen every day because it takes you back to another time, another place.
One of my favorite old radio shows is Tales of the Texas Rangers which starred Joel McCrea (cray) in the lead role as Ranger Jace Pearson.
It ran on NBC radio from 1950 to 1952 then was picked up by television and ran from 1955 to 1958
Wheaties cereal sponsored the show and the advisor was real life Texas Ranger hero  Captain Manuel T. "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullus.
Captain Gonzaullus, born in Cadiz, Spain, was said to be one tough man. He was responsible for establishing the Texas Bureau of Intelligence which had the finest crime laboratory in the United States.
Jace Pearson, the main character in the show uses scientific methods to catch outlaws.
To be a ranger you need 8 years of law experience.
While they rode horses in the old days, and still do today, they also use modern vehicles and even helicopters today.

This is the official prayer of the Texas Rangers .

"O God, whose end is justice,whose strength is all our stay,be near and bless my mission as I go forth today.Let wisdom guide my actions,let courage fill my heart and help me Lord, in every hour to do a Ranger's part.

Protect when danger threatens,sustain when trails are rough;help me to keep my standard high and smile at each rebuff
When night comes down upon me,I pray the Lord be nigh.
Whenever on lonely scout, or camped,under the Texas sky.,Keep me, O God in line and when my days shall end,forgive my sins and take me in,.
For Your sake, Amen."


  1. I never listened to radio as a kid but I do remember all those old TV shows. Recently I found a couple of quiz sites that remind me of those TV shows in the 50s. I'll have to check out your Old Time Radio link on your side bar. I might be missing a whole lot!

    1. Try to listen online.
      I love the mysteries on Crimetime especially.

  2. How wonderful to find out that there are those in public service who still call on God daily for their strength,protection and guidance.
    Another terrific post !

  3. Hi Annie, I love your header! I still have summer up for a few more days. I did finally finish the wedding pictures and posted at my blog. I have started decorating for fall. I love the colors! Have a great week. Hugs

  4. I love listening to the Tales of the Texas Rangers. I have listened to every episode on Podbean (that would play) and now am going back through and listening to them again. I must have missed the prayer the first time around but at the end of "The White Suit" is when I heard the prayer. I love it and had to look it up! I also listen to Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar & Perry Mason.


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