November 6, 2017

November's Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

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Looking out my window

It is cloudy and 64°
I can see the swamp or red maple (Acer Rubrum) that sits outside my bedroom window and is bright red-orange now .

I am thinking

It has been 8 days since the ablation and I am feeling  better aside from pain from all the bruising.

I am thankful

That God saw me through it all.

One of my favorite things

Autumn. I wish it were chillier but, Autumn is always wonderful.


I am creating

Still working on a new painting but I am not much interested in it sadly, and  I don't know why.

I am wearing

Jeans and a black oversized T shirt from the Little's  school production of Cinderella.

I am reading  /watching  / listening to

  I am not reading anything lately except for things associated with my  courses.
I watch little TV, but when I do I watchTouch of Frost or Poirot.
Music is off lately.
But I am hearing CBS Mystery Radio Theater.
I love radio drama. 


I am hoping

To live a long life with better health.


I am learning

That you really cannot rely on people. They talk a good game but rarely deliever. Your only constant is God. He always delivers.


In my kitchen

Cooking nothing much as I have to take it easy.  


In my garden

Leaves need raking. It will have to wait until someone volunteers.



Board room

From my Pinterest, a pretty autumnal color:

Shared Quote

This quote applies to me.  I have loved people who didn't think I was special at all.               I wish I could get it right.


A moment from my day

One of several marinas in our little neighborhood
This one is two streets from my house


  1. I just love, love, love this post (well, to be truthful, I love all them). How right you about folks...I just love the quote too. (a lot of loves today, giggling)

    I really like the new header here, Annie. I am glad to you know are feeling better. Big hugs and lots of love. smiles

  2. Thank you for a peek into your day and thoughts.
    Wishing you long life and good health,
    peace and prosperity,
    and JOY !!!.
    May all your needs and wants be met,my friend !!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos. Really enjoyed reading your daybook. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Better days are ahead.

  4. Love your day book post Annie. I too haven't been reading much lately nor written any new poems in a month. I'm glad you are healing and feeling better. Have a day of blessings dear Annie.

  5. I love the red tree! How are you feeling now? I learn the same as what you are learning.

  6. Love the header, but I always do. So glad you're finally feeling better. I hope you live a long happy life, too, sweet Friend. 💜

  7. Hope you feel better soon. Love the marina picture.


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