Thursday, December 14, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook for December

Simple,and a nice way to journal your daily life I think.

For Today

Looking out my window
 It is night and a very cold 22 degrees F outside.
It is snowing hard outside
Houses are glittering with Christmas decorations but it is quiet.

I am thinking
About the radio program I am hearing and the awful state of the world today. But then it was always bad, and there is nothing new under the sun.

I am thankful
 For alternatives to TV and for great old radio programs to listen to.

One of my favorite things
Are quiet nights with a hot cup of tea when I read online or hear my radio programs and draw with Photoshop.

I am creating 
A warm and happy home, I hope. At least I am trying.
I do it by keeping things neat and clean and welcoming.
I love when people are happy and content.

I am wearing
  Blue pajama shorts  and a matching top. I will be going to bed soon. I just can't sleep in heavy pajamas or heavy materials so you will never find me wrapped up in flannel night things! The less, the better!

I am  watching
 Fuller House on Netflix and enjoying it very much.
I am Listening: 
to CBS Mystery Theatre on YouTube as well as my subscriptions on Youtube  channels that I find interesting.

I am hoping
That I find my prince one day. Never have but not giving up hope yet.

I am learning
theology, psychology and more.

In my kitchen
I will be making fish chowder for Friday night
I will be making a Buche de Noel for my daughter (a glorified jelly roll filled with mocha cream and coated with chocolate frosting)

In the school room

Studying theology and psychology.

In my garden
A wild Holly Tree and the Pine Barrens behind.
Shared Quote
I like Bishop Fulton Sheen's wisdom.
A moment from my day
 A rainbow on kitchen drawer from the crystals I have in my window. These rainbows cover my kitchen in the morning through early afternoon. 
I got the idea to put them in windows from the movie Pollyanna!

Closing Notes


  1. Lovely Day Book entries. I like reading other women's post in these journals. I participate sometimes too. From what I've seen it does look like you are creating a comfortable, cosy home. I like that you are making your daughter a Noel Log. I'm sure she will love it and take with her some very warm memories of mother and home one day.I hope you do find your prince one day. In the meantime, continue to live your life as fully as possible. I wish you a very Merry Christmas too if I don't get to visit before then. I do wish I could drop by for some fish chowder though ;-) God bless and big hugs.

  2. As I scrolled through I kept thinking of things I wanted to comment on and realized I just needed to say that I love it all! Such beauty in the snowfall, even in the B&W fotos (at least they appear that way). And, as always....the header is beautiful. It sounds like you're having a wonderful CHRIST-mas season. The dessert for your daughter....yummy! Happy Thursday, dear Lady.

  3. Oh, I'm coming over for the Noel Log, smiles. As for the news--it is indeed frightful my friend...and I'll end it there.

    Still snowing and its only 7* in western NY and I'm not complaining, the poor kid across the street has been shoveling since 7 am, giggling. I really enjoyed your thoughts and your photos, Annie. Your prince will arrive one day, smiles.

  4. You are wrapped in God's love to keep you safe and the friendship and prayers of all of us(and more !) to keep you warm ! You are a dear,kind friend...a life well spent in service to others !
    Thank you !!!

  5. We've actually gotten down to 21 degrees at night here in TN but up to the high 30s and low 40s during the day. I enjoyed reading your day book today. I am really treasuring a warm home being in colder climate. I'm not fond of having to walk Mandy early in the morning in the cold but otherwise, I'm getting acclimated (i.e. not whining as much!) Have a blessed day, Annie.

  6. I so enjoyed your SWD post Annie. Right now it's 10 degrees here and 7 went I got up at 3 am. I used to watch Bishop Sheen on TV in the 50s Wow! does that date me LOL! How wonderful to see rainbows every morning in your kitchen. Have a day of blessings my friend.


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