February 16, 2018

My Neighborhood..
Friday Foto Friends

Rainy weather is the order of the day here on the Southern Jersey shore and temperatures have risen from the deep freeze to a balmy, wet 56 °F!
 I am sporting a rather compact heart monitor for the next 10 days to monitor my heart 3 months post surgery.
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I have not gotten around to take photos for a while so I am joining in this week's Friday Foto Friends with some drone videos and some older photos taken in the summertime in my neighborhood.
The videos are quite short.

New Jersey isn't what most people think at all. It is mostly rural with safe, clean beautiful beaches  and millions of acres of forest land and farms.
 Our beaches are consistently ranked among the finest in the world.
A friend who vacationed in the Caribbean once told me, "It's New Jersey with palm trees for Pete sake! I shoulda saved my money."
Photos can be clicked on to see full sized and the videos can also be made full screen.

Welcome to my neck of the woods:

Here are photos I took last summer in my neighborhood:

Our neighborhood parking lot

Watery highway

Salt Pond


  1. I love it! You create a very nice post!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love the videos and I always loved the Jersey Shore. As a youngster I had paternal family living in Long Branch and every time we would visit during the summer my father's family would always take us to the shore. I do miss those days. Thank you for the memories dear Annie.

  3. Lovely! Sending prayers for your upcoming surgery.

    1. Thank you. Surgery was in October, this is just to see if it did the job :)

  4. Thanks for the tour! Having grown up on Staten Island, I'm aware of the Seaside, Wildwood (WILD!) and Cape May areas, but there is so much more!

  5. Love it!! It was 55* here yesterday, and now, its 32* and freezing rain and expecting a winter storm tomorrow evening...never ending, lolol.

    Have a beautiful evening, friend. smiles---p.s. I liked your header the other day, smiles. This one is pretty too. smiles

  6. That was beautiful! You truly do live in a lovely place! Thank you for the videos as well as the still photos. This gives me a better perspective of where you live! I hope all goes well with your heart monitor. Enjoy your balmy, rainy weather...take care, and God bless!!

  7. Thank you, Annie, for the most relaxing part of my day so far! What lovely beaches and blue blue water! I thoroughly enjoyed them...loved the lighthouse one especially. When my best friend turned 13 her family moved from WV to NJ. She now lives back in WV and we still are in touch fairly frequently. You live in a beautiful neighborhood, my friend.

  8. Absolutely beautiful place to live! Prayers that the reading from the monitor proves everything went well with the surgery. Happy weekend! 💜

  9. I've only been to the Jersey Shore area once. It was after Hurricane Sandy and things still hadn't quite recovered. It was easy to see why this area has some of the finest beaches. It's a beautiful area.

  10. Beautiful header - love the way you capture sky and surf !
    Wonderful videos and photos...NJ is 1 % smelly,stinky and ugly...
    the other 99% is absolutely gorgeous !
    Thank you !!!
    May the monitor reveal good health and healing,my friend...


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