March 14, 2018

Wednesday Haiku #16

In my ten-foot bamboo hut this spring,
There is nothing;
There is everything!

haiku by Yamaguchi Sodō (1642 -1716)

Against the chilly sky, washed
grey with dawn, A single
pine-tree on the peak is drawn.

Haiku by Gyodai

That flight of Egrets
if they gave no cry,
Would be a streak of snow
 across the sky.

haiku by Yamazaki Sokan (1464-1552)


  1. I love the thought of the bamboo hut...there is nothing, there is everything! I get that!! I feel that way when I go outside and sit in The Secret Garden... I love your Egret painting...and the haiku fits it perfectly... Enjoy your day. I hope you are safe and warm!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the new look around here...very springy like. smiles...

  3. Love your Egret painting Annie. The thought of the Bamboo Hut is how I feel sometimes "there is nothing, there is everything". Enjoyed this post. Have a day of blessings my friend.

    1. Thanks Toni. I too like the nothing/everything. We can all relate to it.

  4. Wednesday Haiku on Thursday :
    "Joy is not contrived
    Increases in simple things
    Springs from heartfelt peace"

  5. Egrets are such interesting birds. Our daughter and son-in-law live in Delaware and they took us on an outing last year where we saw some Egrets. They are lovely.


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