July 6, 2018

Friday Photos

The fireworks never came!
After paying $17,000 for them, the company couldn't get a hazmat driver to deliver them and so our towns were left without one of the largest displays in our county. Seems they won't be doing them on another day either. It's one of my favorite holidays too.  But people around the bay set off fireworks on their property and we could see pther displays across the bay and we had a wonderful time sitting just watching the gorgeous sunset with the lovely salt water scent all around.
We did have our barbeque and it was nice as well.
It is Friday Foto Friends  time once again and for Skywatch Friday and I will join in with few photos I have taken.

I took this photo a few years back, added to it and turned it into a postage stamp.You can see the fireworks reflected in the water below.

Reflection of leaves and moonlight on the pond. No, not Moonlight in Vermont but it will have to do.

The big pond

Another view of the big pond

Fish are jumpin'.. and the cotton is high. Oh, wait. we don't have cotton. Will Cat tails do?

Evening sky

 Every one of my photos from yesterday turned out very badly. So badly they aren't worth even trying to doctor them up at all.
 Let me  invite you to my neck of the woods with some drone footage of the area.
I hope you enjoy it.  I know I do every time I see it.
This is home for me.
And here's to Buzz wherever he may be.....

Have a wonderful and safe weekend friends.


  1. Your photos are beautiful Annie. I'm sorry the fireworks didn't happen. I know I would be disappointed too but I'm glad some of your neighbours put up some fireworks of their own so all was not lost. Have an awesome weekend. It's hot over here. It went from rain to scorching overnight.

  2. I am so sorry about your fireworks! What a bummer! But thankfully you still had a wonderful day. We tried to see the fireworks around here, but there was no good place to park and view them w/o being in someone's yard. We have too many trees in our neighborhood to get a good view from here. But we heard them. Our day was lovely...too hot to be outside, but lots of happiness and joy inside. Love your photos. Your ponds are wonderful.

  3. Oh wow on the lack of fireworks. We elected a new Republican mayor not long ago (the other mayor was democrat and was there 32 years!) and he/the new mayor did well very with the fireworks this year. They were pretty amazing.

    I always enjoy your photos Annie. smiles

  4. First of all, that header...LOVE it! So sad about the fireworks, especially at the expense and then nothing. I absolutely adore the sunset foto on the water...beautiful! Glad you at least got to see the sunset (which is glorious enough in itself, right?), but add to that fireworks. Where we live, we don't get that blessing, unless we drive somewhere to see them. (insert sad face) But, I heard them around our neighborhood as I was "trying" to go to sleep! LOL Happy weekend...stay cool, sweet Lady!

  5. Love your photos and your header is gorgeous. That video was really neat (both the view and the music). You certainly live in a very beautiful part of our country.

  6. Jammer van het vuurwerk! But you photos are beautiful. The stamp: super. And how nice is the other photo with the sun (moon?) reflecting in the water.

    1. ja, het was jammer,maar de dag was leuk

  7. Sorry you didn't get your big firework display but I hope otherwise you had a wonderful holiday.

  8. Lovely day in great company and goood food !
    Photos are so nice and the drone video was breathtaking !
    You do treat us with splendid goodies...
    thank you !
    Be well , my friend

  9. Wow Annie! The photos are wonderful but the video is fantastic with that soothing music. I can watch it all day long. I may just copy the video for myself so I can watch it when I need some peace and quiet. Love it my friend.

  10. What a gorgeous series of images!


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