Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Welcome to Tuesday 4, Toni Taddeo's once weekly questionnaire...

 This week's topic is home

 1.What makes a house a home? Good people, good food, comfortable surroundings and a loving atmosphere, I think.

2. How to you keep your house neat , tidy and clean? Do you find it difficult?   I clean as I go and try never to let things pile up. No, I don't find it too hard to do.  Bed changed weekly, clean bathroom daily, kitchen daily.. vacuum a few times a week. I just every other day to keep dust under control.

I cook everything from scratch so kitchen is an ongoing chore for sure.

3.Are plants important in your home.. or collections.. or wall art?  Is there a theme you like to create?

I like a few plants but mainly I like them outside in the garden. The theme I try to create is one of warmth and friendliness. I want people to feel welcome  in my home.  I keep plants on my kitchen window sill... aloe, succulents and African violets.

4.What is a typical day/evening like in your home?

First thing in the morning I am outside feeding the fish in the pond.  Then breakfast and cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.  I do some laundry..make my bed and take care of any business that needs doing.   In the afternoon I have some tea or coffee and listen to lectures online on a variety of subjects. I also read articles online as well.  When I had an accident where a 50lb crate of vinegar bottles fell on my head/neck/shoulders, I stopped reading books as it hurt to do it and I found it easier to read on the computer screen. It just stuck and I still read that way for the most part.  My spinal problems also make it easier for me to sit in a computer chair and read/work on an upright screen.

I make dinner  and then will do a project or watch a movie or TV program.  I have my friends over at least once a week for a meal. I like to entertain quite a lot!

Day times are also often spent sitting by the bay.When I say that I hear the song "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay".or "Galveston". Those songs remind me of living on the bay so much.

I do hope you are enjoying Tuesday 4 and I really would love your ideas and input! 

Thanks for joining in.


  1. Oh, Annie, I adore Violets. So wish I could keep them alive!!

  2. I also love to entertain friends, it's a fun thing to do. I've tried to grow African Violets but instead of growing they died. smh I didn't try after that. Enjoyed my visit, have a great day!

  3. Thank you for continuing Toni's legacy and for sharing your busy days !
    Wishing you many days by the water and much joy !

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers. It is good it keep up with the cleaning throughout your day. Sorry about your accident that kept you from reading. I need to read. I have so many free books on my Kindle app yet I never find the time to read. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. You are blessed to live by the bay. I like to have company, but my husband is an introvert and is only comfy with family. But I might start doing a Bible study in the fall and have a few friends over. He has cooked for me when my friends have been over. Then he goes to his office.

  6. I enjoyed your answers today.

  7. I enjoyed your answers and love the things you enjoy doing. I love that you enjoy having friends over often. I miss doing that since we moved here. We have too many steps for some of our older friends to manage very easily, and a ramp is too expensive to do just yet, so I have to limit who can come to those who can get up and down the steps. I hate to leave anyone out, so I just haven't had people over much, except family of course. The accident you had sounds like it was very painful and certainly hard to recover from. I can relate to not being comfortable to sit and read in a regular chair anymore. I am having to make some adaptations too. But it's good to keep trying to do whatever we can. Thank you for doing this each week. It is good for us to have to think and write and share!! I look forward to seeing what others have to say as well. Take care and have a blessed week.

  8. How wonderful to be able to spend time sitting by the bay.
    I love having friends over, especially for meals but I have been in a very small bubble since Covid. Both my sister and BIL are compromised and I will gladly limit my exposure to outsiders so I can be around them.

  9. You have a lovely home. My Gran always had African Violet but not me.


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