Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sunday Stealing is Here

Hello! Today is Sunday Stealing by Bev Sykes and I am joining in happily!


1. What are your plans for December?
To have the best month possible entertaining friends and family.

2. How do you celebrate your wins/success?  I don't think I ever have. 

3. Are holiday movies only for the holiday season?
No, they are for any time at all. They are just a bit more special during celebratory seasons.

4. What would you consider a waste of money?   Its a waste when you are spending on things that give you joy, no satisfaction or are of no/little help.

5. What do you like to eat for breakfast?  Gashouse eggs (eggs in the hole of a slice of bread and fried in butter), Or just fried eggs in general,  fried potatoes , fried tomatoes, mushrooms, fried meat... a big English breakfast.

6. How do you feel about poetry?  I have favorites.. Edna St. Vincent Millay.. Robert Frost, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  Shakespeare and a few others. I feel good about poetry.

7. Are you shy?  yes though I am an extrovert, I am also reserved and quiet at first.

8. Do you take time to reflect on your goals?  Probably yes.

9. Something you are curious to know more about?  real history, not the made up stuff in history books.

10. Something that makes you feel fancy... dressing up to go out.

11. How you’re still handling the pandemic. By ignoring the hype and keeping in good health.

12. A close friend you’ve never met in person?  Many blogging friends.

13. Do you get in on trends early or later?  I don't get in on trends. Not  a fan of following the crowd.

14. What is something you do on a regular basis? Spend time with friends.

15. Do you enjoy spending time with family?  Yes, family and friends. We always have a wonderful fun time.


  1. Good Morning , my friend !!!
    Am so enjoying the preparation for Christmas !!!
    It is my favorite time of year...the atmosphere just seems...nicer !
    Although it's wonderful to plan just the right gifts for family and dear friends ,
    it is The Gift that is most precious !
    Wishing you all a lovely and most meaningful Christmas !

  2. I love this time of year, it sounds like you have lovely plans. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  3. I like your answer to #9. That is so true. I read The Personal Librarian recently which is historical fiction. I had never heard the story about J. P. Morgan's personal librarian - it should be in the history books.


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