Monday, October 3, 2022

Bug Out!

 High winds, tree splitting winds and buckets of rain since yesterday and more on the way. The wind has been howling here for 2 days straight. Ian is on the coastline and not playing nice. 

 We can play nicely though with Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 questions. Are you ready? Since the east coast is experiencing hurricanes and tropical storms let us explore the topic.     Okay? Let's Go...

 1. Expert survivalists and weather experts say it is wise to have a bug out bag handy in case of evacuation, hurricane, earthquake or any

emergency. You can see online how to create one. Do you have an emergency kit or bug out bag?

I've quickly assembled one if I knew danger was coming etc. But now I will make a permanent one.

 2. Do you have plans with your family on where to meet and what to do in case of emergency? 

No and I should and will.  Hurricane Sandy was a category 5 that devastated the Jersey coast and I should have done it then.

 3. Do you keep your phone well charged and your gas tank topped off ? Is your flashlight kept fresh with batteries? Do you have a list of what to go where to go? 

I keep my phone charged up and a flashlight ready all the time.  I know the coastal evacuation routes.

 4. How about a little stash of emergency goods and foods to last a week or two? They say it pays to do this.. do you?

I have some canned goods but that also needs to be beefed up. They have everything from meat to milk in cans so there is no excuse not to have things stored away.


  1. I'm always interested in how people prepare for emergencies because I know I can and need to do better.

  2. This is all a good reminder! I need to go through a few things after the weather cools a bit. I love seeing the fall decor in here!

  3. I need to stock up on shelf stable milk, thanks for the reminder! Great Questions this week! Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for these questions today. It made me think, I probably should try to be a little more prepared.

  5. I enjoyed your answers this week. I need to be a little more prepared for some things.

  6. Hi Annie~ Great questions, and I'm glad you are safe. My husband and I do have, bug out kits...we call them 72 hour kits, enough for three days. I need to go through them and replenish some of the items. I try to keep everything charged, but we were just talking today about filling up gas cans. After reading your post, we are going to do it tomorrow! Great reminder! Hugs, Barb

  7. Hi Annie! This is such a great reminder to always be prepared. Hubby and I were talking about this very thing last week! Having all the important papers ready to grab at a moments notice, along with all the rest! I need to get moving on this!


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