Friday, December 2, 2022

Nature and Friday Photos

As  I write this late Thursday night it is 28°F and windy.   The final effects of a gale are blowing through.  It was extremely windy last night.   Friday will be in the low 40°s and sunny, so a nice day all around.
I am posting for  Skywatch Friday  and the orphaned Friday Photos. 

A tiny creek streams on into the bay ahead. Little things become important.

Little creeks get wider and wider as they get closer to the bay

Let the clouds go scudding while we rest and enjoy the scene.

Clouds illuminate the sky, the landscape and our minds.


  1. Beautiful photos Annie!!! Hope you're enjoying a great day. Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you were able to stay warm and cozy inside! It's been beautiful here today and I enjoyed getting out for a little bit after being cooped up so much this past week. I love your header picture. So creative you are... Happy December!!

  3. Pretty skies, and I like the reflection off the creek water!


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