Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Hello Friends.   I am writing this on Monday, which is the first day of Spring this year.  I hope Spring brings better things to us all.


Hello and  welcome back to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

1. Spring cleaning is a very old tradition.  Some say it began with Passover and removing leaven from the home and the fact that windows begin to be thrown open.  What Spring cleaning do you do?

For years I've done the whole house from stem to stern.  I begin in January now doing a little each week until everything is done and refreshed.   

2. Does daylight saving time make any difference in your life for good or bad?

I dislike it intensely and think it is wrong to change time or seasons.  It hurts health and it makes life uncomfortable for some.  Children go to school in the dark.  Many adults go to sleep in bright daylight. Nope.  I am a firm believer in very little government  intrusion into human life.  

3. Do you have a spring reading/watch list or perhaps a 'to do' list?

Yes.  I arrange what I will try to do each week from January through the passover season so that the house is completely clean as far as I am able to do.

I don't make reading lists except for courses I am taking. Otherwise, I read whatever catches my fancy at any given moment.

As for movies..   I like to watch the old films of the past when there were real stories and not just special effects etc. 

4. The "peepers" are back here by the water. There are thousands of this itty bitty frogs(the size of a finger nail) peeping like loud birds.     What signs of spring are showing up in your neck of the woods and what Spring flower is your favorite to see blooming?

Well.. Peepers are the first thing.  I like cherry blossoms, apple blossoms in the spring. I also like the mountain pinks that bloom later in spring.


  1. Our weather is usually warmer than it has been these past few weeks. Rain today and tomorrow. I just want to hibernate. I plan to clean my ceiling fan this weekend after I strip the sheets. I stand on the bed. I can't stand the sound of crickets so your peeps would drive me crazy. How do you manage your house with your bad back? Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. I don't manage very well sometimes Susan but I do try and I keep trying. I keep the house neat and clean but it takes me a long time to do anything. Crickets drive me nuts after a while too.

  2. Having had company last week overnight gave me a kickstart into my "spring cleaning". But that's kind of par for the course. I deep clean when I "have to". The rest of the time we make do and manage things as we go. This past year has been busier than normal for us with Dixie Cottage, etc., and so my at home time has been cut shorter and I am tired more and have difficulties with my arms/shoulders/back, so I often just don't feel like doing things. But we manage as best we can. I love spring time before the real heat and humidity starts. It's such a beautiful time of the year.

  3. I enjoy Spring, but we are getting so much rain. I need recess with the kids.
    I am like you with cleaning, but I do not start until summer. I try to do one room a day, or if not the whole room, an area in the room. My make-up table and dresser need to be cleaned first thing when school gets out end of May...my closet too. Loved your answers! Have a nice week. ♥


  4. I enjoyed your answers. I love the blossoms on the trees too.


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