Thursday, April 11, 2024

Life by the Bay

I will probably never get tired of this place.   I have loved it here all my life.  
It is Thursday night and rain is beginning to fall.  Outside it is jet black, peepers are  chirping up a storm of their own.   
A barn owl is hooting in the woods out back near the creek that leads into the open bay.   
He is a big fellow that landed on the awning over the back porch one day and as he took off his wing span covered my 4 foot wide (48 inches) kitchen window and then some.
No tourists are here yet. Sumer homes are closed up tight and the snowbirds have not yet gotten back from Florida.  When they come up the roads are a mess. Not only can't they drive, there are just too many of the critters.  After a summer of them we breathe a sigh of relief when they leave in autumn.

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