Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Welcome to Toni's Tuesday 4 and another chance to learn more about yourself and your fellow bloggers.

This week is all about you  …

1. Were you an adventurous child at all?

Oh yes.  I was into everything. I was all over the place exploring, hiking, riding my bike, walking for miles, swimming endlessly. I got myself into some pretty scary situations at times too  though I never thought they were. I would just be a bit concerned. My father said, "you have no fear" and he was right.  I had none.  But after I'd gotten caught in a rip tide. I got out of it though a mile down the beach. Again, I wasn't scared but I did come to respect the ocean more after that. Maybe I was too dumb to be scared? 

2. What were some of your favorite places to go when you were a child? Amusement parks, movies, restaurants,. zoo.  etc?

We rarely ate out. I think I can count only about 3 times in my childhood. I loved the zoo and we went to the Staten Island zoo a lot.  My Dad and I hiked and climbed in the Watchung mountains quite a lot. I loved going to the movie theater in town. 

3. What games did you play outdoors? indoors?

I liked double Dutch jump rope and was pretty good at it.  I liked hopscotch, Old Maid card game, Candyland too.  I played a lot in the water and especially in the creek behind the house where I picked a lot of water cress.  I rode my bike all over town.

4.  Where did you grow up and do you think it affected who you are today?

I grew up in New Jersey where people are independent and free thinkers. Tough minded and blunt,  they will also give you the shirt off their back.   If you lose your home in NJ we will tell you   what a jerk you've been (if it's your fault, that is) while rebuilding it for you.



  1. Oh, I remember being caught in a rip tide/undertow at the ocean, and it was VERY scary! I believe that children keep their guardian angels very very busy! I know mine must have had super powerful wings to keep up with me! LOL. I enjoyed your answers and loved that you were able to hike and do so many things as a child. This was a fun walk down memory lane! Thank you for coming up with these questions each week. It's good for our brains!!

  2. My childhood was a carefree time with lots of freedom to roam the neighborhood. I miss those days!
    Blessings, Annie!

  3. Having grown up near the ocean also in Titusville, Florida (a small town then) sounds like we had a similar childhood. That rip current will getchya. Had that happen to me too. I simply learned to not fight it and let it carry me wherever then when it stops head for shore. Didn't know I was supposed to be scared but "bright" is not my middle name. LOL Have a good day!

  4. I don't think I've ever known anyod rub off on me, lol.ne who was caught in a rip tide and lived to tell about it! In the last week we've heard of 5 such fatalities at our Gulf beaches.
    I wish some of your moxie would rub off on me. 😄

    1. Sorry for the crazy misspellings. I'm trying to comment on my cell phone ... and failing.

  5. I enjoyed reading about how you grew up. I especially enjoyed about how people in NJ will give you a blunt piece of advice whilst helping you too.

  6. I have so many good memories of me on my bike. I would tell my mom I was going to the part, but sometimes I would go to a different part of the city on my bike, I rode miles and loved it. It was much safer back then. I told her later as an adult. Had she found out when I was young, I may not be alive today!

  7. There were no children close by my second childhood home , but a bay beach was a block and a half away . I loved being there ! Also , because my father had sailing lessons and teams when younger , so did I ! The ocean beaches are not too far away from my current home , but sadly , I rarely get to go . My vicarious water time is spent with the videos on you tube's "SWF Beach Life"...lovely...


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