June 30, 2008

hot sunny weather with a few thundershowers from time to time are keeping things lively around here!

It is the last day of June and the month came and went quickly. I took this as evening was drawing on. The sky was blues and purples and pale pinks. Lovely I think.
Summer came out of an icy winter quickly and perhaps its heat will be over with just as quickly as it appeared. One week I was in a coat and muffler and the next it was hot outside.
Each year is so different from the one before .There are the constants of the year though. Like the cicadas in late summer, the peeper tree frogs in late spring, the lightning bugs in late June that sparkle up the evening and the heavy smell of honeysuckle in the air and the scent of pine needles and cedar in the sultry nights and cool morning. There is always the feel of the salty breeze that ruffles your hair as you stand outside and the scent of the water and the sound of the boats gliding across the bay.

Early morning visitor hard at work on the bay.
I love their calls and the grace with which they glide in for a landing.

Sometimes you can see them playing in an updraft. They just seem to love it and will stay there for a long time being drawn up and down inside it. If they fall out of it, they quickly fly back into it so they can have more rides.

This fellow was quite large. His wing span was pretty wide.


  1. fantastic photos both, the morning and the evening, you capture both beautifully

  2. aaahhh...the sea and the salty breeze that keeps one's skin permanently preserved. I miss the sea. I miss the smell of the ocean and saltwater marshes....once more I sit in deep envy. :]


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