July 15, 2008

Blues and Yellows

I love Black Eyed Susans. I will finally have to admit that yellow is one of my very favorite colors.

I love seeing it all over the place and these Black Eyed Susans are an extra favorite way to see yellow!

Yellows, blues.. love them together.

What are your favorite colors? What combinations do you especially like to see?

There is a lot of good information in the Farmer's Almanac.

  • When the down of a dandelion contracts, it is a sign of rain.
  • When spiders build new webs, the weather will be clear
  • Lightning in summer indicates good, healthy weather.
  • The sunflower raising its head indicates rain.
  • A dream of gardens foretells great joy.
  • If watercress beds steam on a summer evening, the next day will be hot.

  • Listen for the sound of the first cicadas. The first frost of the year will occur about three months later.

  • An open anthill indicates good weather; A closed one, an approaching storm.

  • A spider on your wedding gown brings good luck.

  • Dust rising in dry weather is a sign of an approaching change.

  • Lightning in the south is a sure sign of drought.

  • Bees will not swarm, Before a near storm.

    1. i like blue and yellow, but blue and gold more I think and green and silver

    2. Black Eyed Susans? Are those the same as Sunflowers? Whatever the case may be, they look nice.

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    3. No black eyed susans are not the same as sun flowers. But just as happy looking a flower :)


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