July 9, 2009

It's a Hello Kitty Day

cool , partly sunny day.

I was looking on the internet for some information I needed and came across tons of Hello Kitty things. I just had to share some of it with you because it's so cute and some is so silly like this coffee maker for instance:

For only $74.96 (marked down from $99.99) you or your kids can own this Hello Kitty coffee maker and cup.

If you have youngun's who need an extra boost before school in the morning this might be the thing huh? (just kidding!)

If you just are into conversation pieces I suppose it might make a sort of statement too. It is cute but $99.99?  Oh, please!

The Hello Kitty craze has been around for a long time. I remember just school supplies and small purses and note paper years ago but now there are even automobiles that are from the Hello Kitty line and people actually drive them.

Imagine this Ferrari in your driveway? Actually I think it's kind of cute in a desperate sort of way. And I like the idea that you would probably never lose it in a parking lot.

"YOU" wouldn't, I would, but thats a whole other story.

This is for a more conservative driver I think. Kind of a nice pink/white combination. Something for the slower driver too. Even the insides of these cars have Hello Kitty themes and plush seat covers, pink dashboards and all kinds of Hello Kitty gadgets.

There is even a Hello Kitty notebook for the glitterati among us who like to use computers that make a fashion statement.

This is pretty snazzy in a preteen glamour kind of way. I could see using this and having fun with it.

The site says, "The key part of the spec is obviously that it has 299 Swarovski crystals, rather than the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, 1GB of memory, 100GB hard drive, or unnamed processor (a Mobile Sempron 3400+)."

I saved the best for last.

This is the real deal.
Real diamonds and pink sapphires make up this Hello Kitty ring. It is sold at Neiman Marcus for $4520.
Now you know you want one!

Sapphires are almost as hard as a diamond. Red sapphires are rubies (which are more expensive than diamonds now) and orange sapphires are called Padparasha.

I just thought all this stuff was pretty cute. It might be silly but on the other hand it is kind of nice that there is a sweetness like this in the world which has gotten pretty harsh of late.
There is even a maternity hospital in Japan that is completely done up in a Hello Kitty theme.

How is your day going?


  1. Hi Annie: I love the silliness of all the stuff. That ring is amazing! I hope your day is lovely and your weekend fantastic. (-: HUGS

  2. Hi Annie! My daughter loved the Sanrio stores in the mall. Always a great place for stocking stuffers. That ring would fit in my stocking, I think! ;)

    Hope you get the news you're hoping for... it's always a killer waiting to hear. My daughter's girlfriend's little baby had neuroblastoma and it was found on a fluke, too. Usually deadly, she's cancer-free and a happy toddler.


  3. Anonymous11 July, 2009

    The Ferrari is a Testarossa, which you can buy used (without being hello kittyicized) for less than $70,000. I believe they had a flat 12 cylinder engine.

    I'm finding that today I'm just another year older, and still without sweetness in my life.

  4. wow.. never knew they had a Hello Kitty coffeemaker!!! very odd..My daughter loved hello Kitty when she was young..so we always had thier stuff all around the house..this is another whole level of Hello Kitty..thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog! Have a great day! Marlene

  5. 12 cylinder!!
    I had a very old slant 6 once.Very old, very used, very mine for a week.
    You can't kill those things. Though , I did. sigh

    Happy birthday

  6. I love the coffee pot but then I like most things pink. Wouldn't the Kitty be nice to see in the morning?

  7. Hi Annie! Thanks for keeping me posted! Sounds like the best possible news and I can imagine how relieved you all are. I had a health scare that turned out to be nothing when my kids were small and I know what a panicky feeling that is to worry you might leave your babies behind! (((Big Hugz))) all around!

  8. I want the coffee pot!!!!! I love it!!! (no jeff, there isn't a hello dinosaur coffee cup)

  9. For Jeff we will make a Hello Dinosaur Cup.
    It's the least we can do to soothe his damaged nerves!

  10. Hi Annie :)

    I remember Hello Kitty stuff from my childhood and was really surprised it made a comeback the way it did. The cars are a bit much LOL, but the computer is really cute for a teen that you want to spoil ;)


  11. Hello Kitty, oh I mean Annie. Oh those things are so cute. I guess the coffee pot would be cute in a late teen's dorm room.

    I tried to play catch up on all your posts and saw the picture of the palm trees. Unbelievable! I would never believe NJ would have palm trees lol
    I loved the picture of the frog story too!
    I hope everything is going well for you and I know the prayers are helping!
    I adore your painting for the header! Very special!


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