September 16, 2009

A Very Nice Day After All.....

rainy, blustery, cool night

I went out to the back porch to feed the fish in the big pond and a huge bird caught my eye.
It was, most likely a turkey vulture. The sound of his huge wings beating the air as he took off was awesome!
It was a deep whooshing sound as he took off just feet from me and quickly climbed into the air, though not high. He continued circling above me at about 15 ft or so wondering , I guess, if I would just hurry and get out of his way. What a view of him I had!
When I continued to watch him he circled a bit higher, made a full circle of the back of the house and then dipped into another area, then came back for one more look at the situation and gave up.
He doesn't seem to have come back.
My camera was, of course , in a drawer where all cameras run and hide when something cool happens.
I think it is now on the dryer in the laundry room by the back door. I hope it is there. I don't remember what I did with it now and of course that means that Godzilla will be in the back yard tomorrow and I won't be able to photograph him either.

As Roseanne Rosannadanna said.. "It's always something".

The Great Anonymous kid was at my door today. She comes when out on her bike with friends and stops by to fill me in on things or see what cookies I might have available.
I love it when she does this.
She and her pals, 8 of them on bikes , resplendent in their helmets pulled up into the yard breathless to tell me about Mr. Curmudgeon in the house on the other deadend who has keep out signs on his woods....that old curmudgeon!!
He came out of the house today to yell at them. I heard the tale from all the kids.
After advising them to stay off the path into the woods by his house, they left .
Yup, right back to the street to gaze longingly at that path.
This time Mr. Curmudgeon came out with blood in his eye and wrath in his step headed right for them!
They peddled off shreiking as the old man let off steam in pursuit.
In actuality he was headed for one of the kids houses to inform his Mom.
I had another batch of breathless kids at the door in minutes telling me of their harrowing experience.
"He came right at us!!", "Mamah, he was huge!" , "Yeah,she's right, his eyes were scary weird", "I think we just missed gittin ourselfs killed!!"
"He can't own the land can he? Who says he can own a woods and a path? I'm gonna call the president and tell him cuz that ain't right at all".

"Well , he sure does sound like a curmudgeon at that" , I said. "But curmudgeon or not, maybe you need to all stay off his land in case he comes out again. "

"Yeah, Jakie's Mom said that there's lions in those woods anyhow and we don't mess with them , right?"
"No", I said, "definitely we don't mess with lions in the woods"
"And quicksand and rabid possums too!" said another
"Yup, sounds like a darn dangerous place to be riding bikes" I said.
"Yeah, see guys? She agrees its very dangerous back in that woods anyhow, so let's go do somethin' else okay?" said another.

The anonymous kid headed down the front steps, thought a second, turned and came back for a hug and kiss , then hopped on her bike and off she went with the gang.

I love days like this


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  2. Happy Thursday Annie;

    When I was stsaying with my brother in San Jose, CA, Turkey Vultures would gather on the roofs of homes including his. That was the first time I had seen them and they are frightening and sooo big. It was amazing to see them circling and flying not too high above you.

    Again you have made my day start with a happy chuckle re your annonymous kid story. LOL!! I think it would make a great children's book. I also think how wonderful to have such great kids in your neighborhood. The hug and kiss made for a perfect ending. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely day. ;-}

  3. Hi Annie I tried the pumpkin in my dogs food this morning they ate it like it was the best meal ever! I had read that before and was thinking of doing it, but wasn't sure if I should, but when you said your dog had the same problem, I thought well I am gonna try that too. Your writing of events reads like a book. I was wondering at first if it was real. I cannot write, but then again I never really tried that hard. I do think English and writing is my worst subject, but blogging has helped a little for me in that area. I am more artsy crafty and adore early American History . Have a wonderful new day!

  4. What a great day for you ! That kid knows a good Mamah is just around the corner ! How wonderful to share in that experience !
    Have a marvelous day ...


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