July 26, 2011

Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy


Wind Speed: 5 knots
Wind Direction: SE
Condition: Waist high
Sea State: Moderate chop Ocean Temp: 77 F
Wave Height: 4 ft
UV Index: 9

Yes, fish are jumping but we have no cotton so its not high.
But corn is high, and Jersey tomatoes, the finest in the world are red and ripe and delicious.
The dog days of late July and early August are upon us but it does not stop or deter those bent on trekking to the beaches for a day in the sun and surf. Beach people are a unique crowd and the water is life to them.

The bay is filled with sailors of all kinds, from inboards to sail boats to plain old boards with makeshift sails attached to them.

Old men are trapping crabs along the dock and children wade in the shallow bay squealing with delight when a small wave approaches them.

Their eyes open wide as the water approaches, then they squeal and turn and run for shore laughing and giggling , hands waving and wet hair flying behind them as they go.
Their eyes are fixed on Mommy. Is she watching me? Does she see how big I am running from that fast wave? She sees , smiles from under her floppy hat as she applies more sun block .

Mothers come to the bay in the morning laden down with baby and toddler equipment. They lay out their blankets and let the kids run loose until the high noon sun sends everyone under umbrellas or in their strollers under the big gazebos. 

Napping babies lie quietly dreaming under that cool shade while mommies read or talk quietly.

Rabbits along the bay have had their litters and now the babies are out of the hutches playing in the grass in the early evening cool.    Cygnets and baby ducks are getting larger and play in the bay also but in the more private coves where no one can reach them.
On lazy afternoons you can see the occasional otter or mink lazing by the side of salt ponds, snoozing peacefully.

Its a nice summer.


  1. Hi Annie! A pretty picture you painted in words! Kelly Ripa is always bragging about the corn and tomatoes in New Jersey. I'll have to have a Jersey tomato someday because a fresh, red ripe tomato is one of my favorite things. So many in the markets are just poor tasteless imitations! Back from Carmel- only posted one photo but may add a few more tomorrow. Actually the photo is a favorite Big Sur spot on Hwy 1. (((Hugz)))

  2. I miss my warm Jersey beaches, they will always be the best. Of course I love my beaches here too! But warm days are rare here. And now living in a tourist town, well, I love when they all go home and the beach is all mine! :)

    And Jersey Maters are the best in the world, I miss them the most. My mom once sent me a box of Jersey maters for my birthday lol. It was the best present ever!

  3. It sounds wonderful.

  4. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    Wonderful Annie. Only the way you let us see beach and bay people is it the perfect summer. Oh how I miss the shore sometime. As for Jersey tomatoes, yummy! I have them on my shopping list already to buy Friday when I go with my son.

    BTW, Yes! Potato salad is a necessity with bbq beef sandwiches. ;-} Have a great day my friend.

  5. Hi Annie,
    What a great description of you little bay near youe home. It sounds so fun and peaceful all in one. Yummy is all I can say for New Jersey Tomatoes I have never tried them. I had some fabulous corn that I got at a little roadside farm on my way back from Ventura Beach. I plan on eating my last cobb tonight with dinner. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

    P.S. Please stop by my blog tomorrow my post will have pictures of Justin in action in EMT school :)

  6. Ciao Annie, such a wonderful description! :) Have a happy evening.

  7. Anonymous29 July, 2011

    Happy Friday Annie; Hope your day is a lovely one. I received an email from Amazon.com about an hour ago telling me my new laptop will be delivered on the 3rd of August, this coming Wednesday. I'm so excited!! LOL! Like a little kid with a new toy.. Enjoy the day my friend. ;-}

  8. Summer produce is my favorite !
    My Dad and I used to build open-faced tomato sandwiches . We started with the simple version...got cocky and ventured into the wild and wacky , only to decide anything but the traditional was a waste of time ! Oh , such good memories !
    Have a marvelous day !


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