September 20, 2011

Thoughts from a lemon lime moon...

I sometimes wonder what my little cat thinks about while I am up on the lemony lime moon contemplating life and watching things going on down below.
I sometimes see him sitting staring up at me with his golden sweet eyes that seem to know what I need
He realizes I fool others with my solitary existence but he is not fooled and knows I am a social butterfly in a cocoon. My "little golden man" knows me very well.
Invariably if I leave my clothing on the bed after changing to sleep I will find him comfortably and serenely snuggled up on them. His quiet look of satisfaction is replaced with one of disappointment when I move them to hang them up. "Why do that?"  he seems to ask. To him it is a comfortable and familiar place to doze.  I don't have an answer for him except that we humans are prone to stick to the rules and wrinkled clothing are against the rules . We follow custom and tradition as if it was written on stone even if our lives are made difficult by it. Even if other  lives are made difficult by it too.
Cats have traditions also. Loving the people they adopt is one of them. Sleeping on their clothing with its familiar scents is another. Playing in the water bowl or throw rug "surfing" are still others.

 People  consider cats aloof but they are not. Thats a myth made up by people who do not recognize dignity and if cats are anything it is dignified.
My kitty comes when called so, they are not stubborn at all as some think. He is only too happy to come and be by me. I am more than happy about that myself,  he is my good friend.
As I fly up to sit on the lemony lime moon where daydreams are experienced   I can see him sitting patiently waiting for me to get back to the everyday world. Back to him.

I know that he is thinking that "one day she will come down to earth".     Yet, he knows that I need that time on the moon for thinking and sorting things out. Especially lately. I think he knows that life can come round and hit you with reality very hard and leave you breathless . It is times like those that people need a place to be , to think, to consider.
For me it is the lemon lime moon that hangs out over the ocean. I can sit beneath it..or on it as my imagination takes flight.. and ponder or just feel nature around me. Whether it solves anything is anyone's guess and mostly I would vote no.   But I think a person can learn from the time and we can meditate on things and arrive closer to understanding....maybe.

I have found him on his own moon at times. Sitting in the front window watching the goings on in the water , birds landing, fish jumping. He watches it all peacefully from his place. Then I sit and patiently wait until he comes down to earth. Everyone needs a place to dream and consider.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Great post! My kitties answer to me also. I did make the mistake of naming my baby Lily because when I say Lily Biily Elliot thinks I am calling him too, so I end up with both of them on the couch or my bed :) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Lovely poetic entry Annie. :) I hope your moon time is therapeutic... sounds as if it is. :) I always say people who don't like cats have never had a cat. My son has had one because of his girlfriend and when they almost broke up (but didn't) he almost cried at the thought of losing Oscar. Enjoy the rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  3. I've always had a cat in my life, Annie. They each had a distinct personality, just like children do. My present cat isn't the smatest but he is the most loving cat I ever had. He follws me around all day!

    Can you believe summer and September are almost over?

  4. Beautiful entry Annie and very poetic. I love the "lemon lime moon" title. Every cat owner I know would love this post. Have a lovely day dear friend. Hugs

  5. Ciao Annie! Beautiful post :)
    I think cats are stubborn (I had oh-so-many), exactly as any animal can be. But they sure are not aloof.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. Happy Autumn :)
    Love the new header, wow!


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