March 12, 2012

Lip Reading the Candidates

Have you seen the Bad Lip Reading videos for the presidential candidates? My daughter and I had tears running down our faces from this one for Michelle Bachmann.
If you know anyone who is deaf you know that lip reading is a real skill but, it is possible to get it wrong. For instance one common mistake is that I love you and elephant shoe look alike on the lips if you are not careful to pronounce them right.

These videos are based on deliberately doing some really bad lipreading.
I hope it gives you a laugh also.


  1. Hi Annie,
    That was very funny! Thanks for the laugh ;) Hope you have a wonderful Monday evening Annie.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. That's hilarious! Very accurate lip reading, me thinks! I think I'll have to remember to whisper "elephant shoe" to my loved ones! :) Feeling much better tonight and ready to face the onslaught of pets! (((Hugz)))

  3. LOL, that's for the laugh! :) Have a lovely day!

  4. LOL!! That really cracked me up. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh my friend. Have a lovely day today dear Annie. Hugs

  5. Oh Annie, that is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing it. :-) Have a happy Tuesday!

  6. lol, that was great!

  7. Hi Annie;

    Stopped in to wish you a happy Wednesday. Hope it's a lovely one for you my friend. Hugs


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