December 20, 2012

Keeping Warm Inside

Staying warm inside
Another huge storm? 'Draco' no less?
The Dragon constellation for a name? This dragon can pack his bag and head on home as far as I am concerned.
Where do they come up with these stupid names.  Maybe if they named them Cutie Pie or Bunny  they would have nicer attitudes.
And tomorrow is the supposed Mayan calendar end?  Drivel I say!
Temperatures here have been seasonal which, from the weather sites seems to be the 40's for us in December and dipping a bit lower in the night.
Rain today.. rain tomorrow.
I live pretty much parallel with Delaware and Maryland. So what they get, I usually get which is things that come up from the south, y'all.
I will hunker down in the warmth of the house until the rain passes by , thank you very much.

 What will you be doing?


  1. Happy Friday Annie,
    I will be working what else ;) I do have 1/2 day Christmas Eve and then the 25th and 26th off which is nice. We are getting some cold weather here and we have wonderful snowcapped mountains to look at. Stay warm abd have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. I will be making some candy today. Yesterday was cookies and today is candy and! Keep warm and have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Will get ready to go "home" for the holidays. :)
    Keep safe and warm and have a lovely weekend. xo

  4. Hi Annie! Sorry about your power outage but you are probably well-prepared by now! I would be happy to put you on my Xmas card list! :) Hope you enjoy the weekend ahead! (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Annie,
    I loved your post of Dec. 18th, very well said. I hope your weather is behaving now. I've got very cold temps here lately and it's snowing right now. Looks very pretty... until we have to go out and shovel it ;o) Sending holiday hugs and wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Hi, Annie. Hope the weather doesn't hit you too hard! We live with storm names all summer here in Florida. They usually are "people" names rather than things like Draco. I think that Tropical Storm Bunny would be a nice change!
    Stay warm and have a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas Annie! Have a blessed day.

  8. Hi Annie;
    Hope your holidays were happy and blessed. Mine were both. I'm back online. So far outside my window there's around a foot of the white stuff. Last time I looked it was still snowing. Keep safe and warm my friend. Hugs

  9. Hi Annie.
    I sure hope you didn't get hit to hard. I hear another storm is bearing down on some states in the East. I know you don't celebrate Christmas but I know your 8 days of celebration were nice :) Happy New Year. Hugs, Dru

  10. Hi Annie, how are you?
    Have a wonderful weekend. ((hugs))

  11. Hi Annie, hope you had a nice Christmas!
    Happy weekend. :)

  12. Hi Annie;
    Dropped in to wish you a happy weekend. I love your new header with snow falling. We got a foot of the white stuff with more coming in this afternoon. What a difference from last year. Hugs


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