November 22, 2013

"Don't Make Different Wrong"

While watching a video about wigs I was struck by the hostess' comment about why she was able to look
good in every single style she tried on.
Now, of course some styles are better than others on a person but, that's not the point here.

A guest at the party told her she looked  attractive in every single wig she placed on her head regardless of  cut or color.      The lady replied  that it is the preconceived notions and beliefs of others that color how we and others see us.
When someone steps outside your conception of how they should act or look, you might find it hard to accept and label it bad. When you know someone, you have a 'story' that goes with them. If they don't fit your story then something seems out of place to you.
She went on to say that when friends try on wigs together, they have a story about what is 'right' for you. But it isn't what is right, it is more what they want and expect you to be!
 How many other situations in life does that apply to and how much does that effect being who you are? I suspect it has quite an impact and prevents us from stepping out and taking chances from time to time.
 I suspect it is a source of  consternation in decorating your home, buying clothing, doing hair, what you read, what you study. The list could go on and on.
We feel we must live up to other people's expectations of who and what they want us to be.
Here is a link to the video which is worth watching for this tidbit of  wisdom.  It begins at about the 23 minute mark and you can drag the tab to that time and listen.
She says, "don't  make different  wrong, just let different be different".

Happy Weekend my friends!


  1. That is very interesting Annie! I will have to take a look at that video clip.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I really enjoyed this entry Annie and totally agree "don't make different wrong, just let different be different". We all have different concepts on being different. I'm off to check out the video. Have a lovely Sunday dear friend. Hugs

  3. Very interesting post and thoughts. I will check out the video.

  4. Hi Annie! Playing catch up here. I enjoyed your meme and your answers a lot! I will have to do the meme later this evening. :) Love this post, I too agree that you shouldn't make different wrong. I tend to like "different" :) Hope you're doing well! Hugs


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