January 14, 2014

Listening In...

O n a recent trip into the city to check out FAO Schwartz:

Her mom: "We are going to see lots of toys there!"
The Little on spying Sephora across the street: :"Can't we just go to Sephora instead and try out the makeup?"
Yes, she knows all about Sephora and loves going. She is a perfume aficionado.
ღ Be well everyone ღ


  1. Hi Annie! Happy Tuesday! LoL, that is so cute! A beauty queen in the making for sure. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  2. ha! love it. Apparently we are getting a Sephora here. That place will be hopping every day when that happens!

    ps. we have been listening to the 40s channel on Sirius, they've been playing some good songs on there lately!

  3. Probably as little girls we all wanted to grow up and looked with lots of interest at beautiful ladies with lovely dresses, well styled hair and well rigged faces and we looked forward waiting for that moment .. Well it's so tender to think about those moments through this Little's words <3
    A lovely day to youdear Annie. xo.

  4. Hi Annie! I haven't had the chance to get around to everyone with the new URL yet but I'm linking it with this post. Hugs!!

  5. Hi Annie, I have been to the Sephora in NY. I have aslo been in the one here in Las Vegas and in Hawaii and of course my own town. I had more fun in FAO and plant to go there again. I can't be around perfumes, it messes up my allergies. We go back home on Saturday, a few pounds heavier! :(

  6. I am the only one that doesn't know what Sephora is? LOL! I hope your new year is wonderful in every way, Annie!


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