February 4, 2014

Reading Jane

Is Spring far off now?
Any time of year is a good time to enjoy Jane Austen's clever novels about morals and manners of the Regency Era. 

The whole country about them abounded in beautiful walks. The high downs which invited them from almost every window of the cottage to seek the exquisite enjoyment of air on their summits, were a happy
Austen Home
alternative when the dirt of the valleys beneath shut up their superior beauties; and towards one of these hills did Marianne and Margaret one memorable morning direct their steps, attracted by the partial sunshine of a showery sky, and unable longer to bear the confinement which the settled rain of the two preceding days had occasioned.
The weather was not tempting enough to draw the two others from their pencil and their book, in spite of Marianne's declaration that the day would be lastingly fair, and that every threatening cloud would be drawn off from their hills; and the two girls set off together. ”   (Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen)

 What are you reading?    Any suggestions?  Reviews? 


  1. You know how much I do love Jane Austen, her novels are without time, and I think that every moment is the right one for reading them !!
    Just a few days ago I've finished reading for the third time Pride and Prejudice in English .. yes, because after a few years I feel the need to read them again !
    Now I'm reading some literary criticism books about Virginia Woolf, another author that I love, so different from Jane but, considered the different time, not so much as it seems at first.
    I wish you a wonderful day my sweet Annie and thank you for this post, I've enjoyed it so much !

  2. I adore Jane Austen! Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. :) Hope you're having a great week and thinking of you during this crazy ice storm! Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, I do not think I have read any of her books, but I am reading more books now. Thinking of getting a newer Kindle or IPad. Currently I am reading Made to Crave and Ten Thousand Gifts. I just finished a book on my IPhone Kindle called Tea with Emma and October Baby.
    I think I would read more if I did not play FV. I just updated my blog too.


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