April 1, 2014

Childhood Memories Meme

Wow, did we ever have rain by the bucket full. All weekend long it rained almost without stop.
 It was restful though, since it kept people indoors and quiet, dimmed the sky requiring lights through most of the day. Good napping weather.
Do you ever take a nap?
This morning was physical therapy and the sun was shining and the temperatures rose to a lovely and much warmer 54F.
I have been hearing the mourning doves a lot this year and there seem to be gangs of robins just hanging out on people's lawns in numbers I have never seen before.
 What is up with that? Whatever it is I won't complain because I love birds and love hearing them sing.

 Here is this week's meme and I hope you will join in and that you enjoy doing it.

                              Childhood Memories :
1 What is your most vivid memory from childhood? Or perhaps if none are vivid, what was your  happiest?

2 Did you ride a bicycle as a kid? Do you know the model of your favorite? What color was it?

 3 What games did you play outside?

4 Did you enjoy board games? What kind?

 5 Was there a special meal you liked for dinner as a kid?

 6 Did your family go on trips or vacations? Do any stand out in your memory?


  1. Good one Annie. I'll do mine tomorrow.

  2. Hi Annie, I just updated my blog so I will do this for my next post in a couple of days. Your header is cute! Hugs

  3. Hi, Annie, I have a mourning dove outside my bedroom window every morning. If fact at 11:20 am, I can hear it right now. I love to listen to the birds. I also love to nap when it's raining. I wouldn't want days and days of it, but I love a day where it rains all day and I can justify not going anywhere. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie, happy Thursday. Loved this week's meme and just put my answers online. It brought back memories I thought I had forgotten. Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs


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