June 30, 2014

Virtual Blog Tour

Today is my turn on the Virtual Blog Tour and I am excited and happy to share my post with you and then introduce the ladies who will take their turn on the tour next week,July 7th.

The first question is what am I working on?

I am always working on a project of some kind or tweaking something I have done long ago to make it better or different in some way. 
Usually my projects have to do with music or painting and occasionally it is something around the house or outside with my water gardens. Most of my paintings end up as headers on this blog.
Some of my music has seen the light of day in use at weddings.

I have ghost written but that's odd because you are fleshing out the idea of someone else using your own words.  

I have been working on a painting of Barnegat Light which is one of America's tallest light houses.  I can see it across the bay in the distance on the barrier island by Barnegat Inlet.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
What a very difficult question.
My art is amateur stuff.    It is untrained (except for watching Bill Alexander  as a child) and without real rules.  It is just how I see things coming out in what I paint , write or play on the piano.
I can't say it is unique except to say it is my own and what I do is done based on my limitations which are many.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

 I paint what I see and what I know and what I want to be true. I grew up around the seashore and in the great outdoors.
It is now and always has been an important part of my life so I paint it and I paint it again and again because it is a constantly changing vista. It is never the same two days in a row. Each time you see it things are different and I love to paint that if I can.

When I take photographs they are often a bit blurry because my body is not stable because of my spine.  My camera is not the best and I have no training at all.  I just want a record of something lovely that I have seen or a memory to save like anyone else. Nothing fancy.
I share photos and art because it is part of my life and I like to share that with my friends.
I share with others because I just love what they share with me!    Anything from what they bought for groceries, what  movie or TV program they liked, to photos of their families. Just anything.
 I just love it all and the chance to know other people a bit more.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

My writing, my painting, my music begin with inspiration and then I just move and it comes into being.
I feel as though things make themselves and are in there waiting to come out and show themselves.
Michelangelo said "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" and I understand that very well because it is so true.

For instance in painting clouds on a sky background I saw mountains and voila, the painting changed to a lake surrounded by mountains! 


I painted a lake and it wanted to have trees.
Then the easy listening radio station  on my computer played "Church by the Wildwood" and the little brown building wanted to be  placed  there.
"no spot is so dear to my childhood as the little brown church in the dale".
Well,no dale, but the woods are there at least!
The little building wanted a huge glass door so it could shine out onto the lake.


I have asked a few ladies but some just cannot take part right now.  So, I have only two who will be joining in. Still, that's two blogs for you to visit and I will also list some other bloggers who have taken part.
If you visit them our community can grow! They will be posting on July 7th.

Let me introduce you to Melanie from Joy in the Journey who shares her joy on her blog.
Melanie is a mother of 3, grandmother of 12 and pet mama of 2.
Melanie lives in central Florida and cares for her aged mother who lives with her.
After 25 years in the nursing profession she is enjoying retirement. This talented lady quilts, and spends time reading, napping, blogging, and doing volunteer work at her church.

The second lady in the tour is our dear Toni at Town Village Notes.
Toni was born in the Bronx, New York and currently lives in  beautiful upstate NY  in the town of Germantown, Columbia County.
She is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend and a coffee lover  who has been blogging since 1995.
Her  talent for poetry and graphic art can be seen on her blog.

Others who have joined in the tour :

FourSimply Living   

Picking Poppies

 Daniela at  Sweetly Dreaming of the Past.  
Daniela's blog is exceptionally lovely. She teaches so much  of the romantic side of history  and shows pictures that bring it alive. And she writes the blog in both Italian and English. How cool is that? 

Each of their blog posts contains the names of other women who have joined in so you can find lots of interesting blogs and the wonderful women behind them! This is how the blogging world can be kept alive and vibrant.


  1. Hi Annie, I love your painting and I like the story behind the church. You chose Melanie and she choose me. So I will be set to go next week. Have a great week. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! I am desperately trying to play catchup. Your paintings, trained or untrained, are simply beautiful. If only I had a drop of your talent! Virtual blog tour, brilliant idea since blogging is dying a steady death. :( I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read and I think I will visit the ones that you posted. :)

  3. I was sure that giving you this opportunity it would have open us a wonderful world, but I didn't know it was so very wonderful !
    I knew you paint your header by yourself, but you're devoted to writing and music too, you're an artist in the full meaning of this word, that's why you've a such sensitive and delicate heart !
    Reading your words about me and My Little Old World I'm touched in the deep, you're so sweet, .. well, that's true, you're not an ordinary lady at all !
    With one post of yours dating back to the last week where you already talked about me - you've really been far too generous, my dear Annie ! - you've given me the chance to get in touch with Melanie and Toni and to know their lovely blogs and I join you in saying that they deserve to be known.
    Thanking this Tour that gives me the chance to better know people I already appreciated and to know new friends, and, above all, thanking you with all my heart, I'm sending you so much love wishing you a gorgeous, wonder - filled day ♡

  4. I so much enjoyed your post here, Annie! Your painting absolutely amaze me. I love the sea and so their soft colors and all just enchant me! I always wanted to be able to do that but just don't have the talent. This Virtual Blog Tour is such a great idea!

  5. Your paintings are beautiful!! Thank-you for sharing them. Have a nice day. ((BIG HUGS))!!!

  6. Happy July 4th , my friend !!!
    How delightful to connect here before dashing to work...a terrific way to start the day ! I agree whole heartedly with your ladies - your artwork is wonderful ! It puts one into a specific place and mood...you can almost smell the saltspray and pines . Thank you for sharing your dear self...a most precious gift indeed .


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