September 18, 2014

End of the Week

In my previous post I failed to mention that Booth Tarkington won the Pulitzer prize for
several of his novels, The Magnificent Ambersons being one of them.
 You can find the book online here at Project Gutenberg.  There it can be downloaded as an ebook.

 Personally I would rather own a copy because I value a library in the home. Books are very valuable to me.
The movie version, with changed ending,  is also available.
 It was nominated for four Academy Awards and with a stellar cast including Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton, Anne Baxter and Agnes Moorehead its no big surprise at all. 
It is regarded as one of the finest films ever made in the United States.

Our weather has been back and forth with showers and sunshine and cool temperatures in the day and low temperatures at night enabling you to see your breath!  It is lovely , breezy and cool today.
Most of the summer people have left their summer houses for the year as another autumn closes in.

Time to pick up the little from her school bus .
have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Annie; I too would rather own hard copies of books but this past year I've been borrowing from the library and reading on my Kindle or Tablet. I recently saw the movie on TCM again and still enjoy it. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Anne, I love books, as well as my Kindle. l am going to see if I can download the Magnificent Ambersons for my Kindle! When I posted about our grapes, the frost hit during the spring growing season, and it killed some of them. I would love trying to make ice wine, but hubby doesn't agree! lol Have a great Saturday!

  3. My dear, I'm going and download this book, I watched the film several years ago, and I felt fascinated, I think, as you say, this book has to find its place in the library at home !
    Thank you so much, sweetie, have a wonderful Autumn


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