October 2, 2014

Tuesday on Thursday

On this cool, dark and wet autumn day I am joining in with Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme to brighten things up a bit.

photo taken by me
1. Favorite Autumn Activity?
pond in autumn

     Being outside/being inside warm and safe from the gales and nor'easters of autumn.

2. Favorite Autumn Meal?
      I really like Sauerbraten, chili, or my own home made turkey kielbasa style sausage with  sauerkraut, apples and potatoes.
First I  cook the sausage until it is browned well .
 I rinse  the  sauerkraut very well and drain well.
Then brown it in a bit of oil with chopped sweet apples and caraway seeds.  I simmer until the apples are very soft. Then I add some brown sugar and dark mustard to taste and add in the sausages.
I serve this with boiled potatoes.

3. Favorite Autumn Drink?
     Hot tea, coffee, ice cold water. Somehow I crave iced water on a cold days.
     I drink my tea with milk but my coffee is really mainly powdered non-dairy creamer with a dash of coffee in it. Without that I really don't care for coffee all that much.
4. Favorite Autumn Weather?
     cool days, chilly nights

Be well until next time.


  1. Hi Annie, First let me say how much I absolutely love your new header. You are such a fine artist my friend. Second your turkey kielbasa style sausage with sauerkraut, apples and potatoes made me so hungry. I can almost taste it. I've got to try that one myself. Thank you for doing the T4M. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! I posted my meme today! As Toni said, your kielbasa, saurkraut, apple, and potato dish is making my mouth water! Hope you have a wonderful Friday! Hugs!

  3. My dear Annie, you have to know that more I know you and more I discover that we have the same tastes, and I'm so glad of it !
    Have a lovely day darling, thank you
    Sending hugs


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