April 28, 2015

And then......

And after they returned from Italy, they did this:

The video was made by Popcorn Park Zoo in Ocean County, New Jersey a place of compassion and hope for animals without homes. They have all kinds from dogs to African lions! They were so happy that a family wanted to adopt these brothers who seemed un-adoptable.
After Daisy passed away there was a hole in everyone's heart. No one can replace anyone else. When my oldest child passed away people told me I could always have more kids. Well, I did have more kids but they don't replace children you have lost. People mean well. They are trying to comfort you as best they can in a bad situation. But you cannot replace one person with another. You cannot replace pets with any other animal either since every being has their own personality. All living things are unique and irreplaceable. But love is something you cannot have enough of and it is something meant to share. The boys are very sweet and gentle and very welcome.


  1. Hi Annie, for some reason the print is really tiny in here. But you are right, you can't replace a life. Every May 2, I think of the day when my first baby would have been due. That baby would be 35. I have 3 in heaven I lost. After I lost my Reina, we decided no more pets. It is just to hard to lose a beloved fur baby and I have grandkids now. But so happy your family has grown. Hugs

  2. Hi, Annie. I love to see videos like this! I watched a lot of animal rescue videos and love to see the happy endings. When I lost my Doc-Boy, it was such a hurt. I'm so glad that you all did this for Hercules and Thor!

  3. Hi Annie; I loved the video and the happy ending. So true that even though you get on with your life after losing a child, you never replace them. I still miss my two sons very much. I know how you feel. I've been spending a lot of time away from computers and enjoying life with family. I was so glad to see your comment on my poetry page. Have a wonderful week ahead my friend. :)

  4. My sweetest Annie, I didn't know you've lost your oldest child, I'm feeling so sad reading these words of yours, I cannot imagine your pain, poor darling ... surely your life isn't the same, since then, lucky you to have other children to take care of, at least, even, if, surely, none can replace this loss, I'm sure ....
    I'm sending hugs and love to you, dearie, you're so special and precious to me


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