April 13, 2015

From Italia with Love....


This photo was taken by the famous anonymous kid in Rome.
I like the contrast of the harshness of the  buildings with the gentle blossoms which seem to overcome the buildings  and promise better things.
 She seems to have a good eye for composition in photography.

They landed in Milan then took the
train to Florence.
Then onto Naples and Pompei, and back to Rome.
When they return, I hope they share more photos.

They all speak a bit of Italian so getting around has been easy for them.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. She certainly does have an eye for photography. Can't wait to see all the photos when she returns.

  2. Hi Annie. Wonderful photos. We get to travel with your daughter. I call that 'lucky'. Thanks for sharing! Hugz!

  3. Hi Annie, Did you home school your kids? What an exciting adventure for them! Thanks for the visit. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! Great photos!

  5. My dear Annie, how much I'd loved to know your 'anonymous kid', but I know, I arrived too late with my suggestion of booking at Tenuta Geremia .. I'm sure they're spending a lovely time here, Spring this year has arrived sooner and warmer than usual !
    I hug you with love and send a kiss to your beloved ones !

  6. How splendid these shots are! :)


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