December 16, 2015

Changing Skies

Some things never change yet are ever changing.

Like the sky.
Blue and decked with clouds.

Then it becomes a golden flyway for geese and birds of all kinds.

 Or a blue vaulted ceiling to soar across.

A showcase or backdrop for the setting sun.....

It can be like sweet, hot syrup washing down over the earth from on high.

And sometimes it is a soft warm blanket over sleeping boats on the bay.

All photos are my own and taken here on the bay.
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  1. Beautiful photos! I'm a sky watcher too. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. Have a great afternoon.

  2. I also love to watch the sky, here it changes so much and so fastly during the winter, but, of course, you live on a bay, and I think that the wind is the master of the sky in every season.
    Your photographs are so charming, my dearest Annie, I'm in awe watching at them !
    Have a joyous day

  3. Hi Annie! You take such gorgeous photos! I love looking at the changing skies, at different times of the day, and different seasons! It looks like it will be a rainy day today here in Pa. We do need it though!

  4. Hi Annie, Santa brought me a computer! haha I am the Santa in this house :) Beautiful pictures. Thanks for visiting me. I noticed that your tag is not linked to here. Is there something wrong with my tagboard? Does the weather bother your back? It has been cold for us in So Ca. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  5. Annie those are gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing Gods creation with me this morning. Merry Christmas!


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