July 5, 2016

Summer Porch Days

It's  lovely to sit on the porch and watch and think.
Each day brings its own new vision and revelation as you sit there quietly.
 In the depth of summer you can feel the hot air caress your face.It warms you right to the core and heats up your thoughts like a furnace but makes you too lazy to do anything about them.
In the late summer the breeze begins to cool and there is that faint refreshing that autumn always  bring with it. For me at least.

You bring out a cup of tea in the morning, a glass of  iced tea  in the afternoon and gaze out on your world and consider all it  holds .

Mr. M. marches into the front yard to pick out some weeds that mar his perfect flower bed and sees you there.. His enthusiastic wave  and warm smile are contagious.
And you remember when kids were selling candy and he bought the entire carton ( despite being a diabetic) just to help  out. He takes care of an invalid wife and can rarely get out.
Life must be hard for them now, but, the garden blooms nicely.

Down the street Mrs. A pulls out of the driveway to go to work. She supports her family ever since her husband injured his back so badly and cannot work right now.
She waves and calls out the car window, "Have a great day!"
Yeah, its looking good so far.

Another neighbor steps out to check his mail. 
 The yard is neat, tidy and blooming like crazy

 Next door the neighbor gets into his van to head out for work and his wife comes running outside.

"You left this on the table again today"she says, exasperated . "I am trying to get the kids ready for school. I don't have time for this". He reaches out the van window and takes the box from her and says, "I love ya honey".
She giggles and smiling, goes back inside while he drives off.

 Across the road Ollie drives into her driveway. She was out early today.
At 91 she still drives and lives by herself. She was out shopping early this morning and hauls the grocery bags out of the car herself.
 "Need help Ollie?" you call to her. "No, I have just this bread in a bag, I am OK dear, thanks" and heads inside.
A moment later she comes out to check the car and locks herself out of the house.
A moment after that I am stacking crates under her back kitchen window and hauling myself onto her kitchen counter to go open the door for her. Thank goodness for open windows.

 Ollie is grateful and I am experienced now, (my daughter and I having done it at least 15 times before) and she hands me a homemade cookie (well worth the gymnastics) and I am off to the porch once again.
(Of course those gymnastic days are over since spinal surgery took its toll.)
 It will be a good day I think.
This post is a blast from the past


  1. Nothing at all wrong with sitting on the porch and watching the world go by. How great to have such lovely neighbors.

  2. How blissful ! You not only have a quiet porch on which to perch and observe , but neighbors who are happy to be part of a real community with you .
    You are well and truly blessed !

  3. I just love the new look! So pretty and serene. How wonderful to be able to live in a close knit community like that. Love this post.


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