September 2, 2016

43rd Friday Foto Friends

riday is quickly becoming a favorite day because we get to see so many wonderful photos from all over the world.
Join in at Debbie's place!
I spent the day in the ER yesterday because of a small bout of rapid A Fib.

Pain for so very many years from the spine has weakened things.  But I am holding up pretty good in spite of it and we are fighting it.

It's very cool today and we are under a storm watch here on the coast because of Hermine. We will see if it weakens or strengthens again. We have had enough with Sandy which devastated NJ and we are still not done with all the repairs etc. Some are still without homes because of it so we are praying it will not be a hurricane or even a nor'easter as they are very powerful too.
Here is the path of the storm , x and an arrow mark me on the coast line there in NJ and you see the bulk of her hoving over Florida and Georgia.  We are really just a hop, skip and a jump north of them.
We are following closely  and praying hard for friends in her nasty path along the way .

Here I am!

Here are some photos for Friday Foto Friends:

Look  southward  from behind the mugho pines to the bay.

Rain beating down on the water.
The streets got flooded yesterday from a band of tropical rain that passed by.

The photos above are my photos taken bayside.
Here is one taken from the town beach cam which is always a bit foggy due to salt spray.  Our town is both on the mainland and we extend to the island 7 miles out at sea.
Our towns are always packed to the brim with tourists and vacationers during the Labor Day weekend, which is the last long weekend before school starts for the fall.
Tourist season begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends officially on Labor Day but people continue to come down to the shore through early October when the weather is nice.
Southern NJ beaches get a large number of visitors from Canada and Ireland of all places.
Our beaches are clean and safe and New Jersey is friendly so why not!
We are consistently voted among the top beaches in the world.

 Here are two more photos of our ocean side from photos on the web:


  1. Praying all will be good and there's no severe damage from this storm. We only got some wind where I live in Central Georgia.

    1. Thanks :). I am glad you didn't have damage

  2. First of all....THAT header....I think I say that every single week. LOVE it. You're so talented. Great pics, too. So HOPE the weather doesn't get too bad for you. I saw a picture posted on FB that was so scary of a huge black cloud near the shoreline in Florida. Thanks so much for linking up today!

    1. You're very kind Debbie, thank you.
      We are praying that this storm passes everyone by without any damage.

  3. I always love to see your beach and sea photos. What a magical place to live! I am praying for you regarding Hermine. I've been watching the projected path after it left here and have concerns for Georgia and the Carolinas. Now I see it sort of coming near you. According to NOAA, I see it is to become a subtropical system by the time it is near you. Not sure what that means but high winds are high winds no matter where they are. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Annie. Also regarding your A-fib. Take care, my friend.

  4. Annie, I just saw more about Hermine and that they expecting strong storm surge in Long Island Sunday into Monday. I'm guess that you are fairly near there. You are for sure in my prayers that it will weaken and be just a rain maker.

  5. Hermine just passed through our neck of the woods during the night and is speeding up the coast. I hope you don't have any major issues from it. We were blessed here in our part of Florida with just rain and wind, but no damages. We live pretty much inland, so we were fortunate. Love your pictures...and your paintings. You have a tremendous talent. Hope you are feeling better. Rest up this Labor Day weekend and regain your strength. Saying a prayer for you.

  6. Love the header and all your paintings!
    The photos are wonderful...couldn't live anywhere else! projects high ENE/NE winds increasing after 5pm today .
    The highest seems to be around 1pm tomorrow at 40mph...continuing off and on through Monday.
    Sending prayers for safety for all .

  7. I am glad you are holding up♥ Love your photos and hoping that storm doesn't come your way ♥

  8. Just stopping by this Sunday to see how you are doing. Are you feeling any effects of the storm?


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