May 26, 2017

Along the Bay

Happy Friday friends.
Once again I will join with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends with this compilation of photos I have taken along the bay where I live.
I hope you enjoy them and I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.
I will have another post up tomorrow morning around 10:30.

flowing out into the bay
Storm coming over Barnegat
I like standing here and watching nature.
View of the bay
Sunset at the cove


  1. Wow, looks like a gorgeous location and great photos!!

    1. I am happy you liked the photos! :)

  2. If I didn't live where I do, I would love to live in your area by the sea/bay. The photos are wonderful and so inviting. I'm so happy you will be posting on the weekends again dear Annie. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  3. Beautiful sunsets. You are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and peaceful scenery.

  4. Your shots are always tremendous, darling Annie, thank you for sharing them at 'Friday Foto Friends'!

    Wishing you a most besutiful Memorial Day weekend,
    I'm sending all my love to you

    XOXO Dany

  5. Always enjoy your fotos... but those sunsets... just wow! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend! 💜

  6. My husband goes, "That's Jersey?" smiles. We have only been to Six Flags--that was many moons ago. Have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  7. There is something so centering and soothing for me about being near the water.Your photos bring that tranquility even when the schedule doesn't permit the trip.Thank you , dear friend !
    Be well and enjoy the holiday with those you love !


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