July 6, 2017

Tuesday Meme on Thursday...

Here is Toni's Tuesday Meme. Outdoor/ Indoor  Preferences:

1.  Lounging by the Pool or Picnic by the Lake?
I will do either. Both sound equally wonderful to me!
I just love being with people.

2.  Holiday Shopping or Day at the Beach?
Either one! I love the beach, I love holiday shopping and the crowds and the excitement and the people!

3.  Barbecue Cookout or Favorite Restaurant?
Either one as long as it is a good time.  I enjoy eating out literally or in a restaurant.

Flea Market or a Sports Game?
The kids sports games take the edge on this especially in the fall when the weather is cool.
I love watching them play.
I have only been to a flea market once though. I wouldn't mind going again sometime.

And here is another meme you can try:

1. What Harry Potter house do you belong in?
I will have to read the series and I saw one of two of the movies. But the test  says I belong in Gryffindor. A second test said Ravenclaw. Maybe I am a combination. ;)

2. Are you religious?
Yes indeed I am.

3. Indoor person or outdoor person?

Outdoor mainly. I love the outdoors very much.

4.Young at heart or old soul?

Young at heart. Old souls are too set in their ways. I think that isn't good.

5. High school was.....
A good time, especially my junior year!
I was busy, busy, busy which I love.

6. ideal breakfast:
 French toast with maple syrup and powdered sugar or...
fried eggs with fried potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes.

 7. Makeup.  Do you wear it? 
I wear eye makeup since my coloring is very fair and my eyes are light.
I use mascara, I tight line with eyeliner and sometimes use shadow.
I wear blush by Nars or The Balm. It's the only makeup I spend any significant money on.
Favorite makeup items and brands?
I don't spend a fortune and use mostly Revlon and L'Oreal drug store brands since my brother worked for L'Oreal.
Open lipstick is Revlon's Gentlemen Prefer Pink lipstick, Long lipstick is Revlon's Ultimate Orchid, shorter one is Merle Norman's Pretty Party.
Blush is Instain by The Balm color Houndstooth a lilac pink.
Eye liner is CoverGirl Nu-Naked double ended liner in Espresso and Penny Cent.
Mascara is Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast in noir de jais or super jet black.
Bronzing powder is Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in light.
Eye shadow palette is by Milani and features purple and brown shades.
What colors do you use? 

8. favorite all time food from childhood:
It was always spaghetti Bolognese. Could have eaten it morning, noon and night.

9  old songs you like:
La Vie en Rose
Paris Skies
Young at Heart, Frank Sinatra
Laura by Vic Damone
A Summer Place  by Percy Faith orchestra

Old movies you love:
A Summer Place
Return to Peyton Place
Laura with Gene Tierney
Meet Me in St Louis
Now Voyager
Life with Father
The Woman in the Window.. Edward G Robinson (you can see it on YouTube)
The list could go on and on.

What about you?
Try the memes . Its so interesting getting to know what people are like!

Tomorrow I will be posting for Friday Foto Friends.
See you then!


  1. Loved reading all this! I'd pick a picnic by the lake anytime but definitely a day at the beach as opposed to holiday shopping. When I think of old musics, those old MGM musicals come to mind, especially Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Also loved Philadephia Story with Katherine Hepburn, A Affair to Remember, and Meet Me in St Louis. Much prefer the older movies to the newer ones!

  2. Hi Again Annie; Just remembered to comment on this post LOL! Great answers on both memes. I will be posting the second one for tomorrows post. Have a blessed evening my friend.


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