September 6, 2017

Wednesday Haiku and Hurricane Irma #7


Lady butterfly
perfumes her wings
by floating Over the orchid
Haiku by Basho, brush painting by me

If you are in Florida, get to safety soon, do NOT wait.
Remember Proverbs 22:  "The wise man sees evil coming down the road and gets out of the way.  The fool passes on and gets punished."
Don't be one of those ridiculous people who refuse to believe things will get that bad.
You not only put yourself in harms way but you put rescuers in harms way as well.
On Tuesday evening seismographs around the world were recording the movement of the earth from the shaking of this huge hurricane.  She is a beast.
Please pray for the people of the Atlantic and Caribbean. They are in her way.
The Famous Anonymous Kid's good friends are in Puerto Rico and we are praying they will be safe as well as all our dear friends in Florida and the gulf.

The September Meme Question 6:
 Did your town have a river running through or near it? What was its name?
No river, just a tributary creek of a large River called Morses Creek.
In my town the creeks were barely filled with water and extremely shallow all the time.


  1. I wish my folks and brothers/their families would leave...but nope, my mother,"We have been here for 42-43 years, we're staying." OK then....sigh. Just make sure you have it somewhere to contact me, is what I replied. Like I would ever be told anything...just saying...scary storm. Indeed.

    Beautiful poem. I hope you have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Praying,indeed,for all those in harm's way...
    hoping miraculously it blows out to sea and no one is hurt .
    Wonderful paintings...header and haiku...!
    Be well,my friend...

  3. Mother Nature's fury, there is nothing like it.
    Keeping those in it's path in my thoughts and prayers.


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