Monday, December 18, 2017

Another Adventure with Toni

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The Fork In The Road

1.   While driving down a country road you come to a fork in the road. Being there are no signs for either road you decide to take the road on the left which is lined with trees.

2.   You notice as you're driving along this road you see in the distance what looks like a UFO landing in the middle of the road!

3.   Stopping the car you wonder if you should get out and walk over to it, but you rethink that silliness quickly and get back in the car. You don't want to get involved!
Turning the car around to go back the other way you hear a loud BANG!
You look back over your shoulder and see the UFO exploding into millions of rubbery pieces.
You finally get out to look and see a dozen people run from a nearby field to the 'wreck' and you decide to run over too.
As you get closer you see a giant Macy Parade sized helium  balloon in the shape of a UFO had been popped by a huge tree limb.

4.   As you walk back to your car you can't help thinking that today turned out to be a a pretty funny day after al.

Here is an alternate story for those who couldn't stand the first one.

While driving down a country road you come to  a fork in the road. Being there are no signs for either road you decide to take the road on the left which has no fork , just a spoon.
You notice as you are driving along this road in the distance, a complete set of silverware lining each side of the road! There are forks all over the road, not to mention spoons and knives and serving utensils too!
 There are hundreds of them!

Stopping the car you decide to have lunch and are grateful that you are able to use one of the knives to cut your big Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in half!
The sandwich is more than a foot long and you were afraid you might not be able to handle it with your little hands.
The knife made it more manageable.
As you walk back to your car  you cant help thinking that this was the best Philly Cheesesteak you have had in a long time and this isn't even Philadelphia!


  1. AWESOME! I loved both versions. Unfort. I'm suffering from "can't think" syndrome at the moment, lolol.

    I hope you have a beautiful day, friend. smiles

  2. Oh , you dear soul,I do love the way your mind works!!!
    These stories are terrific...both wild and wacky!
    mmmmm...that sandwich looks awfully good...
    Hoping your day is wonderful and that you are warm and well...

  3. LOLOL!! You made my morning Annie. I'm still laughing. You turned 4 mysterious questions into 2 cute and enjoyable stories. Thank you so much for joining in. I trying to decide if I will continue the Creative Adventures after the holidays. I'm finding it a little hard to think of new adventures. If it wasn't for you and Linda, I might have dropped it awhile ago. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  4. This looks like fun. I'll be on the lookout for Toni's Creative Adventures. I have to say I like the Philly sandwich better than the exploding UFO (but then it was only a balloon!) Have a great day.


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