Monday, August 23, 2021

Let's Cook.. tuesday 4

 Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 kept in memory of her.

Let's talk about food this week shall we?


1.What is/are your favorite meal(meals) to eat and to cook?

I really enjoy meat loaf and rice, salmon croquettes,and most Italian foods.  I enjoy cooking chicken pot pie and beef stroganoff.

2.How often do you cook at home and what kind of  meals do you make?  

I cook all my meals at home from scratch. I rarely eat out and I never buy packaged foods.

3. When you go out to eat what foods do you find yourself ordering most?   

I like to order things I don't usually eat at home.  I like eating out for Mexican or Greek foods.

4. Can you recommend a restaurant in your area?  Why do you like it?

It depends on what kind of food you like.  If you  want sea food go to Dock's Oyster House in Atlantic City.  Good Italian food is at Carmine's. You will need reservations.


Dock's Oyster House

Come visit again, won't you?


  1. Good Morning !
    Interesting questions...
    My favorite meals are those shared with friends !
    Thanksgiving is the highlight of my year for soup-to-nuts preparations...
    sadly , those times are passing , with far-flung family and the torch being
    taken up by our now grown children .
    Wishing you a splendid day , with unexpected joy !

  2. You can keep the oysters, grin. I hope you will have a beautiful day, Annie. smiles

  3. Hubby does our cooking at home.
    We go out to eat at one Chinese restaurant.
    Have a good Tuesday.

  4. Yum pot pie and strognoff you cant go wrong. Have a great week.

  5. I would go to the Oyster House for seafood, but not oysters! We are pretty well during the Covid lockdown. Now that places are open again, we eat out more. My mom made the best beef stroganoff. I hope you did well during the storm.

  6. I love to eat seafood when we go out to eat since I don't like to cook it at home. We enjoy Mexican once in a while out to eat, but I have learned to cook our own burritos and tacos here, so it has become a regular meal maybe every other week. We love chicken pot pie too. Good fall/winter one pot meals will soon be on the menu! I didn't get around to doing this post today, but thank you for setting it up each week. Just had several things going on and wasn't really up to writing. Hope the storms have left you by now. Take care.

  7. Your meals sound yummy. Good for you, cooking fresh at home is the best. Those are two good ones to go out to eat for!!

  8. I am making notes of the restaurants everyone is recommending. If we are ever able to travel again I will have quite a list!

  9. I’m hungry now. Sounds so good.


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