Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Linens in January

t's snowing here in South Jersey.

Each week we offer 4 questions for you to ponder, think over, blog about or ignore if you like!  We keep up the tradition begun by Toni Taddeo!

Here are this week's..... all about January  Linens.

1. White month is in January when towels, sheets and household goods go on sale.  Do you replace old sheets and towels each year?  If not when?

I replaced recently because I bought a new bed. I buy sheets at discount prices but, always very good quality. I try to get them on sale and I look for the finest quality

2. How many sets of sheets  and towels do you feel a household need and how often should they be changed on the bed and on the bathroom towel rack?

I think you need 3 sets per bed which I would think most would think is a lot but I don't .  Sleeping on sheets gets them dirty quite quickly.  They absorb sweat, skin cells, dust etc and need changing often.  Their purpose is to protect the mattress and the blankets.  I change my sheets once a week most of the year and in summer sometimes a bit more often.        I also like  2 or 3 sets of towels for each person and a few sets of decorative towels.

3. Do you think the January sales are a bit too close to Christmas when people have spent their money? If you do, what month would be an ideal time to replace linens and things in the home?

They are a bit soon after the holidays but you can save money for what you need. No one needs to spend every last penny on Christmas, etc.   I don't like to blow too much on gifts.   I actually hate giving gifts. My mother would throw out anything I gave her. It made me hate giving her anything at all and left such an aversion that to this day I do not like to give gifts. I feel like its of no use since it won't be liked anyway.    I give them anyway, of course and I work on feeling better about it.    

I recently met a lady who buys new towels twice a year and her reasoning was convincing. She talked  about how she found them getting too stiff and not coming as clean anymore.

4. There is something so lovely about a linen closet with beautifully folded sheets, towels and blankets. Some place lavender in the closets for a relaxing beautiful scent.   What do you do to make your linens nice? Fabric softener? Lavender? Special folds? Of is you linen closet in serious need of some tender loving care right now? 

I like to have my linens and towels nicely folded.  I don't have much  room so I fold them so they will always fit and look nice.       I do use nice fabric softener and sprays for linens too. I try to keep them neat and organized because it just looks so much nicer than things thrown around as if no one cares at all,

I like a scent in all my closets and make that happen with lavender or candles stored there, and  gentle linen sprays.     I love the plug ins and use them all over the house.  I also love to store candles in cabinets where they collect the scents.   A welcoming home with hospitality means a lot to me. I love guests.        By the way, the pineapple is the symbol of welcome and hospitality. Even in Colonial times it was recognized when displayed in homes, inns and businesses.


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  1. I enjoyed your answers. My linen's and towels get replaced when needed. The old ones get "recycled" to the rag bin to wipe my hands after working on the motorbike or yard work, then they get tossed. I do try to keep that area organized but am not fussy about it where they have to be folded or put away a certain way. That's too 'girly' for me. *giggle*
    Blessings. xx

  2. Me too, Ann...and now I know we are long lost siblings (lol). Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. I am like you and change them twice a week during the summer. We also take a quick rinse off shower before bed when it is hot and we have been outside during the day, just to keep the sheets a little fresher.

  4. Good Morning !
    Interesting subject ...
    Bedlinens are stored in each bedroom , which avoids mixing up the different sizes .
    Mine are in a Lane cedar chest , rescued from the curb , where flippers were clearing out an estate-sale house . The cedar scent is wonderful !
    Have a splendid day . my friend !

  5. We pretty much agree on all of the above...I do a lot of laundry, primarily because of the towels...I just don't like the thought of using the same towel and washcloth over and over, so I normally wash towels every other day, and bed linens once a week. I need to spend some time refreshing my bed linens and also replacing some towels. It's time...I just need to bite the bullet and spend the money. Thank you for doing this again...God bless you dear friend. Happy New Year. I hope your electrical/heating problems are resolved by now.

  6. I like scents around my house too. I love to smell things. I am embarrassing in bath and body. I do a lot of laundry too because of my towels. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


  7. I like to keep a neat linen closet, it makes it so much easier when getting something out. I also like my towels neatly folded because I like things neat. I only shop for linens when the ones I have become thin and worn. Enjoyed my visit!!

  8. I love your answers. I replace as needed and donate the old to our local pet shelter. I have limited space so I have to keep it orginized.


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