Wednesday, January 12, 2022

True Crime and Mystery

Hello from the frosty seashore. 

It's Tuesday and time for Tuesday 4.



Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we try to give you topics to discuss each week. Hopefully it helps with your blogging, gives a bit of fun and helps you meet new friends.

This week we are talking about true crime and mystery.  I think this week's question might need some
thinking cap time!

1. Was there a notorious crime in the news that caught your attention or interest? Did you follow that case to it's conclusion?  If there was no solution, do you pay attention to news about the case long after? (for instance the Lindbergh kidnapping case.. Patty Hearst, etc., )

I read quite a lot about the Lindbergh case since it occurred here in New Jersey.  I still read articles that are written about current theories, etc.

I like to see things resolved, so I suspect that it my the basis of my interest.

I also followed the Jon Benet Ramsey case and read some books about a few other interesting cases.

I was interested in watching the OJ Simpson trial on tv and followed it right through

.  I found a lawyer fellow on YouTube who delves into cases and boy, is he interesting! His name is  Richard Dwyer.

I watched hours of Richard D  Hall's thorough investigation of the  McCann case  even including a statement analysis that blew the case out of the water as far as I am concerned., The series can be viewed on his site.

2.Does the mystery genre of literature and movies interest you?  Does any one book ,series or movie stand out for you?   I enjoy Midsomer Murders and I always love Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot!

3.  Ever play Clue or any one of the new mystery games available?  Do you enjoy solving mysteries or puzzles?   I love doing puzzles and I have enjoyed playing Clue over the years.

4. Some towns are known for mysteries that took place there.  Do you have something like that in your town or state?  If not.. how about telling us about something that has always puzzled you!

Lindbergh Home, Hopewell , NJ


Well, the Lindbergh case stands out.   I find the Orson Wells program, War of the Worlds, which took
place on the radio in  Grovers Mills NJ to be troubling. There are things about it that are very problematic if you look into it.



  1. Crime mysteries and thrillers are my favorites.
    I do all my jigsaw puzzles on-line now. They take up too much room for a special table in this tiny house. :)
    I enjoyed your answers.
    Blessings. xx

  2. Oh i will have to look into that you tube site you mentioned. That would be fascinating.

  3. I just finished reading about the case. So sad. We saw Charles Lingberg cemetery plot in Maui Hawaii in 2012. You siggy is really cute!


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