Sunday, May 8, 2022

Do You Like...

Hello on this chilly,  stormy weekend. We are in the midst of a gale with gale force winds, rain and small craft and flood warnings. Another day at the seashore!
But things are looking up as I am having dinner with my kids today and I have this lovely Sunday Stealing to do!
Let's begin.....

1. Do you like your handwriting?    I  used to have very pretty handwriting. I suppose it is still but typing has weakened  my hands a lot.  I have begun exercising them.
2. Do you like roller coasters?   No, not at all.  
3. Do you like scary movies?    No., I think they are quite bad for people., See E. Michael Jones on that. here,.
4. Do you like shopping?    Yes, I like going out and looking around. I like being with people.,
5. Do you like to talk on the phone?   NO! I hate talking on the phone. I never have anything to say that way.
6. Do you sleep with the lights on or off?   Off. I want it dark.
7. Do you use headphones or earphones?   No. I need to buy some headphones.
8. Do you have tattoos?  Do you want any?   No. I see no need to do that and I think they would become a regret after a while.   Mostly I think they look bad on people.
9. Do you wear glasses?   I am supposed to for distance. My prescription is old though.
10. What is your strangest talent?    I don't think I have any talent that is strange in any way.
11. Have you ever been in the hospital?   Sure I worked in one for a bit ...
12. What color mostly dominates your wardrobe?  Navy blue
13. What’s your most expensive piece of clothing?  I really have no clue but I suppose my winter coast.
14. Have you ever had braces?  As a kid, yes. Unless you mean suspenders and then yes with a nice skirt as a little girl.
15. Have you ever been on TV?   No.


  1. Handwriting skills is yet another thing stolen by computers. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day my friend...I always enjoy your answers.

  3. I’ve been writing, really printing, more to not lose that skill.

  4. It was cooler here in Alabama this weekend. We were sitting outside talking to our neighbors last night and I had on a sweatshirt plus we had a fire in the firepit. Then today, it was hot again! Hope you enjoy your dinner. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Great post♥️ please visit & follow my blog 😊👉🏻 Skuy Food

  6. I'm REALLY not a big fan of horror movies.

  7. Never liked horror movies ! I.DO.NOT.WATCH.THEM. Once an image enters your memory , it never leaves...real life can be scary enough !
    Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful !!!

  8. These are fun answers. They would be fun to answer.


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